Ron Carns Does Shahadah on Guide US TV

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Man Enters ISLAM
Ron Shahadah in Richmond1

Richmond, Virginia - Ron Carns Accepted Islam in Richmond, VA with Yusuf Estes on GUIDE US TV

Yet another convert (revert) to Islam has entered into the fold of the Submission to God in peace (meaning of the word ISLAM), and it happened in Richmond, Virginia with Yusuf Estes, on GUIDEUS.TV

Ron Shahadah VA 05

Ron had heard some things about Islam from a Muslim prior to visiting the lecture given by Sheikh Yusuf Estes at the university there in Richmond. He sat quietly throughout the entire program, smiling and waiting for the right opportunity to accept what he had come to understand.

Yusuf Estes invited anyone to come up on stage at express their beliefs and if they wanted to, enter into Islam.

Sure enough, that was the golden opportunity for Ron. He easily made his way up on stage and then after a few questions and answers - He accept to join the world's fastes growing religion - the TRUE RELIGION OF GOD - ISLAM.

The website everyone is talking about that helps people to convert (revert) to Islam is also a part of the network for Yusuf Estes -

Of course, that makes sense - TRUE RELIGION OF GOD because it should be that God dictates what the religion of HIs creation should be. This knocks out all the false man-made religions people try to invent to suit themselves.

Check it out and see how you can help others to accept the truth about real ISLAM - the TRUE RELIGION OF GOD

Compare Islam to Christianity -

And who knows? Maybe you will have someone accept Islam with you, like Ron and the thousands of others we see entering into Islam all the time.

Be sure to tune in and watch & support GUIDE US TV - 24 Hours A Day - every day - All In English - ALL ISLAM (DONATE NOW).

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#5 Ameena 2014-03-11 14:16
MashAllah...the people coming to Islam...alhamdu lilah
#4 Jamal Mohamed 2014-03-11 13:51
Allahu Akbar, May Allah bless him and his family and reward Sheikh Yusuf Estes for his great effort. Jazakkallah Khair. Ameen ya Rabbal Aalameen
#3 cupcake 2014-03-05 10:08
entering islam is the easy part. staying in islam is a struggle. have to keep on going & continue struggling for something better in the end. ask allah to keep you on the straight path & cause you die only in a state of islam. need to spend time with other muslims to learn & to have support.
#2 yusuf 2014-03-04 02:21
mashAllah may Allah bless him and his family and reward Yusuf Estes for his great effort,ameen.
#1 YUSUF ESTES 2014-03-03 13:29
Salam alaykum,
will you make some comments about Ron accepting Islam on Guide US TV?
Do we need GUIDE US TV?
Have you used GUIDE US TV?
It's on APPs for Smart Phones everywhere in the world - right now.
Will you tell someone today to watch GUIDE US TV?
Will you help us support GUIDE US TV?
Do it now & then share with others, inshallah.

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