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At Last! Fun & E-Z
recite the Quran
Recite Quran Correctly NOW!



March 2, 2014 - Yusuf Estes and volunteers join together to announce opening of their latest website - New Website RECITE THE QURAN makes it fun and easy to enjoy learning, understanding, memorizing and reciting (correctly) the Holy Quran

After years of work, Quran reciters, Tajweed teachers and Arabic teachers present their efforts in the first of its kind in English and Arabic - The Holy Quran Made Easy Online (almost teaches itself).

Here's what they say:

Salam alaykum (peace to all who seek truth) We love God's Last Book & enjoy working to keep it presevered in the original language and text just as it came down 14 centuries ago.

We hope you will help us share RECITE THE QURAN is only part of our extensive dawah work for Islam in simple English. Share our 2,441 websites, Guide Us TV channel & APPs for Smart Phones! Type: guideus as one word or visit GUIDEUS.TV

- Yusuf Estes, director Share Islam Project

There is a beautiful message and saying that could help change all of us for the better - this message No God to Worship Except (One God Almighty) Allah & Muhammad is His messenger. This is the essence of the teachings in the Quran.


#1 Yusuf Estes 2014-03-02 10:00
After years of hard work, careful design and recordings of every word in the Arabic Quran (one-by-one) we are so happy to have at last, a way for non-Arabs to learn, understand, memorize and correctly recite the words of Allah Subhannah Wa Ta'al to our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Enjoy - and SHARE this important effort now.

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