LAX Shooter Update

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Mass Killer Convicted

Here's our question, 'Why is there never any mention of religion when mass murders and terrorists are not Muslims?


LOS ANGELES — Paul Ciancia, the alleged gunman who paralyzed much of Los Angeles International Airport in a Friday shooting spree, could have turned the nation's third-busiest airport into a massive killing zone had it not been for the quick response by airport police, officials said Saturday.


In a criminal complaint, U.S. District Attorney Andre Birotte charged Ciancia, 23, with murdering a federal officer and a separate charge of committing violence at an international airport. An affidavit said Ciancia — who could face the death penalty — fired a .223-caliber assault rifle at point-blank range, killing Transportation Security Agency officer Gerardo Hernandez, wounding two other TSA officers and two civilians.




FBI Special Agent David Bowdich officials said Ciancia walked away from Hernandez after shooting him in a pre-screening area at the airport, then went up an escalator in Term



#1 sk 2013-11-07 02:19
they only use terrorist for muslims in order to vilify islam & dehumanize muslims. people are made to believe that only western culture is liberating & all other ideas are brainwashing, backwards or repressive. this is how they get support for perpetual wars.

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