Halloween Clown Kills Baja Drug Dealer

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killer klown
Killer Clown Shoots Drug Dealer
in Baja California


One brother Muslim complained to Islam Newsroom -- "Did anyone notice that the "Killer Clown" who shot the drug dealer in the head - wasn't a Muslim? In fact, where was the mention of religion? (Oh, that's right - if not related to Islam, then - no need to mention)..."

Someone dressed in a clown out fit killed Francisco Felix, 63 the oldest brother of Mexico's worst drug dealing family, in Los Cabos, a well-know resort - according to police authoritiese there.

Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, his full name, was found late yesterday - shot right in the head, at a family event in the most southern part of the Baja California Sur.

According to state prosecutors there, someone "dressed as a clown took his life".

The Killer Clown had to assistants (not clear if they also had on costumes) - All three fled the scene immediately and as yet have not been identified.

Felix had been in prison for almost 15 years for drug trafficing following his capture and arrest back at the end of 1993. He was brought to the United States in 2006, then he got parole and was free to go back to his home in Mexico two years later.

Felix was the oldest of siblings who reportedly were all involved in the drug trafficing industry, according to authorities there.

His murder was most likely connected with drug gangs and big time crime members, say officials.

The Tijuana Cartel, operating all over the north western part of Mexico and possibly even wider areas, is or was one of the biggest and worst of drug gangs in Mexico, but is falling down as more and more of the leaders were caught or killed over the last ten or twelve years.

It seems both the brothers and sisters of the family were and still are involved in the drug business, even though Felix's brothers Francisco, Benjamin and Eduardo are all doing time in U.S. prisons and another brother, Ramon was shot dead back in 2002 during a police shoot out.

Authorities are investigating further and treating this as a gang related crime.

Bottom LINE: Drugs Are Dumb! Gangs Are For Loosers! Prisons and Graveyards are Filled with Dumb Drug Dealers!

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#1 sk 2013-11-03 02:20
looks like he got rubbed off. some 1 else wants 2 be leading drug dealing family.

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