Islam Enemy Turns Muslim Organizer

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Islam Enemy Turns Muslim
Accepts Islam Starts European Islamic Party
Amod van Doom1

Ex-Enemy of Islam Establishing 1st European Islamic Party!

What Muslims in other countries have tried to do for decades and failed, is now being accomplished by a convert.

Arnoud Van Doom, one time leader for opposition of Islam and Muslims in the Netherlands has had more than a turn of heart. He has turned his political and organizational skills toward promoting Islam and even establishing the very first political party for Islam and Muslims in the European Union.

Here's what we have learned so far about this subject:

MADINAH – A Dutchman who was involved in a derogatory film about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is aiming to establish the first Islamic political party in Europe.

The party will focus on serving Islam and Muslims not only in the Netherlands but Europe as whole, said Arnoud van Doorn, who was involved in the production of the controversial “Fitna”.

Van Doorn had reverted to Islam about a year ago and performed Haj this year.

He also performed Umrah in February.

“The party will comprise a large number of Muslim members as well as non-Muslim members who sympathize with Islam and Muslims,” he said.

Van Doorn regretted taking part in the film, which he said contained a lot of misleading and incorrect information about the Prophet (pbuh).

However, he also denied producing or directing “Fitna”.

“I only publicized and marketed the film while I was responsible for information and public relations in Geert Wilders’ political party (Dutch Party for Freedom), which produce

the film,” he said.

Van Doorn said his new political party would project the virtues of Islam in Europe and elsewhere.

He said: “I have taken a solemn pledge to work day and night in the service of Islam to atone for my previous sins. I hope that Allah will accept my repentance and forgive me.”

Van Doorn said he will produce a film called “Muhammad: Master of Human Beings” in collaboration with the Canadian Dawa Society, which had invited him to perform Haj.

“We will also produce a series of short stories based on the Prophet’s (pbuh) life story in five languages for distribution all over Europe,” he said.

Van Doorn said he would also produce a film about Madinah’s history called “Madinah: The Light of Islam.”

Doorn said he is compiling a book about the things he had seen during Haj.

“I will never forget the sight of a security man carrying an old woman pilgrim on his back and running with her all the way to the Jamarat bridge to stone the Satan,” he said.

He said Haj provided him with an excellent opportunity to find out more about Islam and Muslims and that he intends to write a book about his experiences.

“I have regretted my previous sins.

“My entire life before Islam is a complete emptiness and void.”

Van Doorn said he has been explaining Islam to his mother, wife and three children and they have started to understand this religion.


Majed Al-Sugairi
Okaz/Saudi Gazette


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#12 Azad 2015-10-21 01:49
Alhamdulillah . Brother pass your msg to as many person on earth as possible.
#11 Azad 2015-10-21 01:48
Truly - islam is mis-presented to the non-muslims. If they know the truth of ISLAM , the beauty of islam , they will be amazed to accept it. Unfortuantely the poor follower like us demonstrate poor works , that's make them think poor about islam. Islam is the religion chosen by Allah /GOD. I ask the non-muslim brother and sisters to search and study on their own , read the quran and understand yourself . This will help you more than seeing the poor practicing Muslims.
#10 saraj 2013-11-15 07:57
Alhamdulillah i love those stories Europe needs more brothers like Arnoud van Doom i just wish i meet hem at Hajj next time insh'Allah including you brother Yusuf!
#9 Mohammad Moshiur Rahman 2013-11-13 01:19
To establish peace in a single person life to whole world there is only way to establish and practice sovereignty almighty of Allah who created us and gave us as gift of the whole creature to serve us. If any one don\'t accept Islam as way of life but still mankind need to rule under Islam to rut out all injustice that corrupted the world. This was the responsible to the Muslim to give shahadah to the nations in the world but they didn\'t. May Allah accept and guide those are reverting to stand before world to present the Islam that was given by the creator only to well fair of humanity in this word as well as to the next world. A person or a family or a society only could get freedom by practicing sovereignty of Allah, nothing else can keep their freedom or liberty.__Get understand the Quran what Allah emphasizing most to practice for all stage of people is sovereignty of Allah. Because he created us and only for him is possible to know how should we practice our life to get success.__May Allah guide us to get success to be reworded in our final eternal live in Jannah. Ameen.__
#8 Ayub Mohammed 2013-11-09 02:03
Islam does not need any help to attest to its perfection. Any discovery by human beings as to its perfection is the person's benefit. We praise Allah for giving us the hidayah.
#7 Aidil 2013-11-08 20:26
Islam is perfection
always have solution
human n jin go to the vision
to be complete true mission
#6 amat 2013-11-01 00:00
Alhamdulillah,A llahhu akbar, Many people in Europe will enter in to Islam, we from Indonesia, pray for it.
#5 UmmSakina Leslie 2013-10-25 08:38
This brought tears to my eyes, al hamdulilah. May Allah guide and reward our brother, give him righteous children that will pray for him. I will make dua for his family iA
#4 yousf 2013-10-23 06:40
i wish all the humans become muslims so they can enter paradise.
i wish we could help him too
#3 sk 2013-10-23 05:25
not the first or the last time an enemy of islam embraced islam.
he should be involved in dawa.
maybe he can work with guideus tv.

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