Why Are Syrian Rebels Accused of War Crimes?

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Syrian Rebels Are Now
syria rural_village
Accused of War Crimes?

Note: Many Syrians have been forced from their homes and are now in refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon.
This is very serious and these civilians have already suffered more than anyone could imagine.

Let us remember them in our prayers and encourage all of the people in Hajj to do the same as much as possible.

BEIRUT LEBANON - "Rebel Fighters Kill 190 Civilians - Kidnap 200+" According to western media reports

News releases concerning the Syrian Crisis today feature headlines like this, indicating rebels against the Assad government in Syria are the culprits. Claims against the rebels include allegations by international human rights groups of attacking unarmed citizens in over ten villages along the coast line of Latakia, indicating possible crimes against humanity may be sited. Human Rights Watch released 100+ page report making the case against the rebels furthering the notion of assassinating entire families belonging to the Alawite sect, a break off of the Shiite division of Muslims, then taking women and children as hostages.

Witnesses there claim rebels went from one house to the next, executing unarmed civilians and either capturing the women folk and kids or leaving them for dead.

Hassan Shebli, a survivor of the attacks claims he ran from the rebels as they approached his village after fajr time (early morning sunrise) leaving behind his wife and grown son who was paralyzed. Days later when Shebli returned with government forces, he found his wife and son had been buried close to their home. Bullet holes and splattered blood were evident in the bedroom area of his house, according to the report.

Western interests in the area and European mead demonstrate concern over tactics alleged to be taking place against Assad's government and the way rebels are going about their attempts to take down Assad and his military. Reports are filled with Arab terms for the rebels such as "jihadis", "al-Qaida" and even "taliban".

Reports of various watch groups claim there are, five groups, two linked to al-Qaida and others with jihad tendencies. They also say some of these groups led the campaign, which appeared to have been funded in part by private donations raised in the Iranian Gulf. Human Rights Watch has appealed to the Gulf countries to crack down on such money transfers. It also pressured Turkey, an apparent rear base for some rebel groups, to prosecute any found to be connected to war crimes and restrict the flow of weapons and fighters.

The Western-backed Syrian opposition must cut ties with the groups that led the Latakia offensive, the report said.

Western backed rebel alliance called the Free Syria Army openly claims these five rebel groups named by the Human Rights Watch and their actions are not a part of, nor endorsed by their own efforts to depose the current president of Syria.

"Anyone who commits such crimes will not belong to the revolution anymore," says Louay Mikdad, spokesman for the Free Syria Army. He continued saying, the alliance does not work or cooperate with extremist groups, and he says Al Qaida rebels often attack Free Syria Army troops.

What about the reliability of such reports?
And What About the Syrian Regime Attacks on Citizens?

However, not all reports from civilians match the findings of the HRW group. Mohammed Haffawi in Latakia clearly denied that any civilians were kill in the offensive. He also said by Skype, that one of the rebel groups held 100 women and children to bargain for release of prisoners being held by the Assad regime.

Investigators of war crimes from the United Nations accused both sides of the ongoing civil war in Syria of wrongdoing, but sited the intense abuse of the government far exceeded that of the civilians.

Lama Fakih, Human Rights Watch spokesperson says, the rebel abuses along Latakia "certainly amount to war crimes" and could even reach the level of crimes against humanity.

After Assad agreed to destroy Syria's chemical weapon pile up by middle of next year, his regime began to carry an air of legitimacy with the foreign powers on an international level.


Attacks on civilians in their villages began about 2 months back. The campaign began with rebel fighters taking over three regime posts and then the villages. After the regime positions fell, no pro-government troops were left in the Alawite villages. But within town weeks the government forces recaptured all the villages.

Human Rights Watch also claimed, at least 67 of the 190 civilians slain by the rebels were killed at close range or while trying to escape. Signs indicate most of the others were also killed intentionally or indiscriminately, but more investigation is needed, the group said.

The rebels seized over 200 civilians from the Alawite villages, most were women and children. Then they demanded a trade of hostages for prisoners held by the regime.

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#6 Ismail 2013-10-18 16:47
We need to be in the habit of doubting the reports we hear in the news these days particularly in the war zone. Reporters are human prone to bias and often owned by special interest group who pay them to promote a certain point of view. We must also try to be proactive by presenting our views in any way we can. We are in an information age and that is where we can make a difference. ____________Shi ek Yusuf ... you are doing a fantastic job. May Allah reward you for your efforts and may we learn from your example!____Ism ail
#5 Nassraldin Osman Shareaf 2013-10-16 22:04
What I want to say first is that Allah might lift the clamity from our brothers , fathers ,sisters ,grandmothers and grand fathers . We muslim we need to understand the correct teachings of our religion and act upon that is the only way out and I believe this is the promise from the creater that if we are believers in him and do good deeds in turn he allows us to live happily in this world and hereafter .__Adding to that my advice to the whole muslim nation is that wisdom is requried when we try to demand our governments to give us our missing rights , nowadays the problem is we do not request our muslim govenment to rule us using the best way of life Islam instaed we blind our mindsand ears to non sense othere ways of life that will never bring in happiness in this world or hereafter ,let us really go back to Allah and he will surely give victory to us .____Alsalam __
#4 Ismail 2013-10-15 18:09
Marvin... you asked about the treatment of women in Islam? A very good question that is correctly stated. You didn't ask about the treatment of women by some ignorant Muslims. Muslims believe (and some non-Muslims concur) that Islam elevated the status of women spiritually, economically, and legally than at any time prior to Islam and since. At least that is what we Muslims believe. ____Please don't buy into the biased propaganda about Islam. Research it yourself using authentic sources of Islam (Quran and Sunnah) and then you will be ready to discuss it with Muslims. ____I salute your interest in the matter and may He lead you into the truth and the whole truth.____Ismai l
#3 SHAKE GOOGLE 2013-10-11 09:46
I think people should be more informed of these things and this website is trying to do that I believe. Therefore, regardless of my opinions I believe there must be some responsible reportings going on and we should all have the right to speak up.
And for that I say to you all thanks so much for this way to speak.
#2 Marvin Gartens 2013-10-11 09:44
whatdoes islam say bout treatment of women
who are these ALAWIS people anyway? anoter buch of camel jockies?
gimmed a break here
#1 See No Evil 2013-10-11 09:39
what are you trying to say here? Are Syrians innocent people who just sit there and let others kill them? what is theis article all about anyway? Try to have some common sense people.

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