Bible or Quran "God Has NO Son"

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What Did Jesus REALLY Say?
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We received the following question from our dear brother who is giving dawah to Christians, may Allah reward him.

As Salamo Alaykum,

InshaAllah, you doing good sir.

I having a discussion with a Christian friend. I told him no where Jesus (pbuh) claimed 
divinity or asked people to worship him. But he said that but Jesus did accept the worship 
from people and did not object to it when they worshiped him. That means he demanded worship. 
Some references below (got from website, he gave one of these). How do I respond to him?

were in the boat worshiped Him saying, "You are certainly God's Son!" These people are not 
just tipping their hats to an esteemed person. In Matthew 28:17 it says, "And when they saw 
Him, [the risen Jesus Christ whom they knew had been dead and was now alive] they worshiped 
Him." And then in John 9:38 the man blind from birth is healed. He said, "Lord, I believe." 
And he worshiped Him.>>

May Allah reward you.

Answer: Allahu 'Alim

First of all, it is Allah who has all knowledge and we have only what Allah gives us. Even then we still have to refer back to the Quran and the sunnha of the prophet, peace be upon him, to find answers.

Let's consider a comparison of the sources:

Can this man produce the authentic Bible? Has he really seen it? Did the Bible come in English (No. There was no English until after the Normans invaded the Saxons in the year 1066 C.E.)

Are we talking about a mistranslation from Hebrew and Aramaic to Latin, to Greek, to English or what?


What about the Quran? Can we produce it in Arabic today? Do we have over 20,000,000 (twenty million) who have memorized it from cover to cover in Arabic? Has it been preserved? Can we see actual copies of the written material on display? (Topkopi museum in Istanbul, museum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, museum in UK, etc.), as well as ancient manuscripts from all periods of time for the last 1,400 years. and


So what is the argument here?

Bible says "God is not a man" and "God is not the son of man"

Numbers 23:19

Now ask him to read about the real Jesus in the real Last Testament of God (Holy Quran). Quran means recitation and we still recite it today, just as it came from the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Quran says,

"Say, He is Allah the uniquely One! Eternally sought after by all creation! No the father and not the son! Not like anything - He is Uniquely One!" (chapter 112)

There is no problem for us. We know the truth.

But it is not our job to guide these people. We only deliver the message and then move on to the next one and if someone likes to know more and they are seriously looking for guidance from God, He will Guide them in His way when He is ready. and

Keep up the dawah and next time start with this:

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