Syria Refugees to Sweden?

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syrian Refugees
Should Swedish Admit Syrian Refugees?
Some Say 'NO'!

The Swedish migration authorities ruled-  all Syrians seeking asylum by coming to Sweden may be granted a permanent residency in consideration of the worsening conflict going on in Syria.

Here is some of what we are hearing about in the western news . . .

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Tuesday September 3, 2013 -- Sweden appears to be the first country in the EU to offer permanent residency to refugees from Syria, news agency TT reported.

The decision covers all asylum seekers from Syria who have been granted temporary residency in Sweden for humanitarian protection. They will now receive permanent residence permits, the Swedish Migration Board announced on Tuesday.

Previously, around half of Syrian asylum seekers had been granted permanent residency, with the remaining half receiving three-year residence permits.

The assessment is based on whether a person has an individual or general need for protection. As the situation in Syria has deteriorated and is now "extreme and marked by general violence" with no solution in sight, the agency has judged the poor security situation in Syria to be permanent. 

Syrian Refugees_to_SwedenThe decision means that the roughly 8,000 Syrians who have temporary residency in Sweden will now be able to stay in the country permanently.

They will also have the right to bring their families to Sweden.

While Malek Laesker, vice-chair of the Syrian Arabian Cultural Association of Sweden (Syrisk arabiska kulturföreningen i Sverige), welcomed the decision, he also warned it could create problems.

"The fact that Sweden is the first country to open its arms is both positive and negative," he told the TT news agency, explaining that it may be a boon for the growing people-smuggling market.

He also expressed concerns that the move will add more fuel to the already inflamed debate about Sweden's immigration policies.

"We already have a crisis around that issue in Sweden. I hope that our politicians solve it in a nice way," he said.

In 2012 and 2013, a total of 14,700 Syrian asylum seekers came to Sweden. Together with Germany, Sweden is the EU country which has accepted the highest number of asylum seekers from the war-torn country.

In its statement, the Migration Board warned that asylum seekers who may be guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity for their actions in Syria would lose their right to be classified as refugees or in need of protection.

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In other news today - OBAMA to Vist Syria As Sweden Swills in Face of Refugee Issue --

Free trade and climate police are at the top of the agenda for Barack Obama's visit to Sweden next week, a trip meant to symbolize the strength of US-Swedish relations, but which is overshadowed by speculation about imminent military strikes in Syria . . [ click ]




#3 sk 2013-09-05 14:00
hope they're happy & safe there. doubt they will ever return home.
human trafficking is taking place in every corner of the globe. took place before refuges entered the country. worried about human trafficking? then deport those who are involved.
war crimes or crimes against humanity in syria? shouldn't have let Obama visit Sweden.
#2 Stephanie 2013-09-05 06:35
May the fitna of the West/Europe not hurt their Imans
#1 Abdul 2013-09-03 17:23
asalamu alaikum,

wow I'm happy, finally Allah has answered their prayers. indeed after hardship comes ease. its a damn shame a Muslim country should have first acted on accepting them i.e Dubai, Arabia, after all they are our brothers and sisters in Islam.

ma salama..

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