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I love the efforts we Muslims are putting into our webpages, Facebook, Twitter, pamphlets, booklets, scenery and videos. This is finally going places. Al Hamdulillah.
But if you don't mind, I would love to share some things I learned about using the right COLORS in the right places - to get the maximum effects for our DAWAH.
Let's take for example, the color GREEN...
Green is a combination of blue and yellow mixed together (didn't know that?)
It is not a color for raising funds or getting people to act or do something. It just green relaxes you, makes you think of nature, grass, sunshine, sitting in the shade, watching the birds... (falling asleep?) .. you get the idea?
Take a look at the colors and images being thrown at folks on TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards and city buses. When these mega-merchants want to really pump up the audience and sell them junk (stuff they don't need and will likely seldom use) they get real serious about the way everything looks - and it all works with colors.
Consider this:

Color Me Successful

First of all, think about the perception people have when they see what we came up with in a webpage or backdrop or TV promo, the first time they see it. What does it say to them? What are they going to get out of our presentation as it begins to unfold? Are they excited? Maybe impressed by the color movements or contrasts? Perhaps they get relaxed and satisfied to just look at it and feel good? Might even just fall asleep... LOL

Our understanding of color meanings in our backdrops, presentations and websites is essential when we're establishing a professional looking project. 

Color psychology affects everyone's lives in so many ways, yet we often don't realize the impact of our color choices on our website colors, on our pages, fonts, buttons, banners, backdrops and lightening.

Think about it - color has a powerful subconscious effect on every part of people's lives, without even saying a word; there is like, an understanding of color meanings in most of our daily encounters. It gives us an invaluable tool to get the best response for our promotion and dawah efforts - and ultimately to create a something that will deliver our message - LOUD & CLEAR.

In applying the information about color meanings in these projects to enhance own profile and appearance, we shouldn't use one color entirely by itself; it's always best to use a complementary color(s) with your main choices because over-use of any one particular color negates the effect and usually has the opposite effect.

Usually there's more than one option for color combinations to assist us in these projects. We don't have to choose just any color especially if we don't like or relate to it. Or we may use a disliked color in a very small amount just to get the response we want from your viewers. Take for example, we might use just a very tiny amount of a bright share of vermillion with yellow highlight to indicate the passion or energy for a particular concept or as a call to action button on a website.

Anyway, enough of my philosophy on the effects of colors on our viewers and visitors. Just check out the following info about each of these colors and then decide what you think is the best choice for what we are trying to say for each project or page on a site.

Meaning of Red in Projects

Red is a physical color which calls for action to be taken.  Its high energy and strength draws attention to itself and demands to be noticed

Orange in Projects

Orange is a color of adventure (I love adventure, don't you?) Inspiring and it creates enthusiasm, optimism and sociable - It's saying, "You Can DO IT!"

Yellow in Projects

Yellow against a dark background illuminates and uplifts - It stimulates the analytical process and helps bring mental clarity.

Green in Projects

Green is all about nature, health and healing. Balancing emotions, it relaxes and inspires compassionate feelings.

Turquoise in Projects

Turquoise balances, recharges and brings out emotions and inspires good communication skills and self expression.

Blue in Projects

Blue is the safest color for use in nearly every application. It implies honesty, trust and dependability.

Indigo in Projects

Indigo is a very strong, powerful color conveying integrity and sincerity. It's about organization, structure and strong habits.

Purple in Projects

Purple implies wealth, quality, fantasy and creativity. This one works well with a lot of other colors.

Magenta in Projects

Magenta is very practical, yet a spiritual color. It's compassionate, kind and encourages a balanced outlook based on logic and common sense.

Pink in Projects

Pink inspires compassion and nurturing. It's a non-threatening color, most often found in feminine directed projects.

Gold in Projects

Gold is naturally associated with value, luxury and prestige. This color also gives an air of wisdom, beauty and even generosity.

Silver in Projects

Silver is a modern, upbeat sophisticated color, calms the mood, at the same time is uplifting, with just a degree of mystery about it.

Black in Projects

Black is the color of power and authority. But used in excess, it gets to be intimidating and unfriendly.

White in Projects

White contrasts darkness or it's a blank canvas just waiting for creative stimulation. It also mplies efficiency and simplicity, fairness and order.

Gray in Projects

Gray is neutral and conservative but it does imply security and reliability. Gray can create a great background for other colors.

Brown in Projects

Brown is a strong, reassuring color - it comforts, assures and is reliable. It works well in projects promoting down-to-earth or outdoor scenes or activities.

I suggest we refer to this color chart when ever we start anything new or update some of the old stuff, especially for fund raising projects, or to promote books, other websites, videos, scenery, backdrops and get all our people actively involved in understanding the importance of using the right colors in the right amount on the right projects - AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Focus on "motivator" colors and what makes people trust us while at the same time, jumping up and down with excitement for the next exciting project.

Keep up the good work guys, and as always make dua for us, inshallah.

Jazakallah khair was salam alaykum,

Yusuf Estes


#2 Stephanie 2013-10-22 17:41
So true article! Jazakallah khayr Mr. Yusuf Estes
I hope i could find a webpage to post my Dawah messages that i try kn my family
#1 sk 2013-07-02 12:07
colors have something to do with the way you dress also. people act strange when I dress in all black but act differently when I wear others colors. maybe they think i'm intimidating and unfriendly.

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