Hate Crimes Rise Against Islam

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Hate Crimes 15
Hate Crimes Rising


Hate Crimes 5
Washington, D.C. -- Federal Bureau Of Justice Report Proves Muslims Under (Media) Attack in America

Hate Crimes 12Latest Statistics Indicate Conservative Media Influence

Bureau of Justice Statistics Report 2011

  • Estimates 3,200 to 4,800 Hate Crimes for 2011
  • Hate Crimes Against Muslims - Up 50% (Murder, Rape, Vandalism)
  • Half of Hate Crimes are Never Reported
  • Major Source of Hate Crimes on Muslims - Conservative Propaganda
  • Conservatives Continue Rhetoric to Inspire Fear of Islam in U.S. Focus Against Sharia Law
  • White Supremacist Group in Wisconsin Shoots Sikh Temple Mistaking It For Islamic Mosque
  • Dead Pig Dumped at Islamic Mosque Houston, Texas.
    [Muslims, like Jews, are forbidden to eat pork]

Hate Crimes 6FACTS & FIGURES - FBI REPORT 2011
1 out of 5 Hate Crimes in U.S. - Religious Prejudice Against Islam & Jewish
4 out of 10 Hate Crimes in U.S. - Race Motivated

U.S. Law Enforcement 2011 Report Hate Crimes 7,254 Offenses -

Religious Hate Crimes 1,318 (most against Muslims)

Hate Crimes 7Offenses All Include Murder, Rape, Assault, Intimidation, Vandalism Says FBI.

FBI 2011 Report - 6,222 Hate Crimes - 47% Race, 20% Religious 12% Ethnic Origin

Muslims fit in every category: Religious, Race & Ethnicity

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The Question Should Be - "When Will We Support Our Voice in America?"

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#4 sk 2013-06-29 06:19
where are the security cameras outside the mosques. need to show suspects on the media to publically humiliate them & to show that some 1 is watching you. should not let these fools get away.
#3 Abdul 2013-06-27 17:42
asalamu alaikum,
you hear a lot of Muslims being harassed, attacked etc yet no police have actually caught the culprits. its also funny all the haters tend to right things like Idol worship etc. this shows how un-educated the attackers are. when a non-Muslim gets attacked, the news are every where, but when a Muslims are attacked you rarely see it on the news.
#2 sk 2013-06-27 07:52
sounds like the bureau of injustice. what justice are they doing 4 any 1.

1 of signs of judgment day ignorance will prevail.

should be a list of muslim celebs so people don't think that islam is 4 arabs only or islam is only for a certain country.

we need a muslim voice in America but will people watch guide us tv.

people are acting this way because of 9-11. they have become the patriotic police. need to get the truth out about 9-11. articles @ whatreallyhappe ned.
#1 Ben 2013-06-26 21:33
I donated and I already feel like I did something for Muslims and me too and my family.

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