Sheikh Ibrahim AlManee Passed

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Please Make Dua for
Our Beloved Shaikh
Ibrahim AlManee

Inna lillahi wa inna alayhi rajioon - please make dua for sheikh Ibrahim AlManne. He just passed away in Riyadh, KSA.
Here is the message as it came to me in email...

Assalam Alaykum wa Rahmet Allah wa Barakatuh
Ibrahim AlManee passed on about a week ago Rahimah Allah

I know many of you never heard of him, but he was a strong supporter of the dawah in the world. He always helped any of us who he knew to be working for Allah and never asked to be known.
May Allah grant him Jennah and make it easy for his family, ameen.

(SOMEONE ASKED - "How do you feel?" - I say, "RIGHT NOW, I THINK I NEED A HUG!"



#5 Meliha 2013-05-30 14:53
Assalam Alajkum wa Rahmet Allah wa Barakatuh,may Allah swt grant him Jannah inshAllah!
#4 sk 2013-05-30 06:00
may allah be pleased with him & reward him 4 his efforts.
#3 Tasneem 2013-05-29 01:58
may Allah give our earth more sons like brother Ibrahim AlManee and may they all contribute in similar ways to spread Allah's word across the globe...may Allah bless him and everyone who continues to spread dawa and this effort enable those who are searching for the truth to come towards a pure faith which has no burdens, sees no creed, colour or background but only the purity of the heart, thoughts and actions...ameen
#2 ndiaye 2013-05-28 18:43
May Allaah subhanahu wata'ala have mercy on his soul, may he grant him jannatul firdus,may he give sabr to his familly. ammeen
#1 hassan raheemat 2013-05-28 14:36
May Allah(SWT) forgive him of his sins and bless d generality of the Muslims,AMEEN.

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