106 yr Lady To Marry 73 yr Man?

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Question: How 'OLD' is 'Too Old For LOVE & Marriage'?

I mean, 'When is time to 'just give up'?

Example, you know how some of our brothers and sisters in Islam go through the teen years and on into college and university looking for that good education, but then all of sudden one day, they realize - "Hey, I'm too old to get married" or "It's too late for me. I'm just too old to have any children now".

Then they give up any hope for marriage, children or a future family.

Here are a couple of stories to share with someone you know who might need to remember, Islam teaches us never to give up hope and to always think positive.

Many of our youth today seem to think there is a certain age - that after you pass it, you will most likely never get married or have a real meaningful relationship.

But Allah teaches us different. We find the story of Abraham, peace be upon him, and his wife Hajar in their very old age desiring a son, yet knowing it is (almost) impossible. Yet Jews, Christians and Muslims alike know full well this beautiful story of always believing and having faith in the One God and trusting Him to give us what we really need - when we need it.

Abraham, peace be upon him, and his wife Hajar were blessed with a son, Ismail (Ishmail in English), peace be upon him, when they were close to 100 years old. And then they lived on to see him grow along with his brother Ishaq (Isaaq in English), peace be upon him, to become prophets and leaders for their families and for many generations to come after them.

The Bible and the Quran relate beautiful stories of their challanges and successes, and most important, their commitment to their Lord, to never give up.

age difference dont matter

Now read this modern day true story of an Australian lady named Marjorie, at age 106 (YES, that's right, one hundred and six years old) who recently met her true love, Gavin - who is just a mere 73!


READ . .

NEVER GIVE UP ON TRUE LOVE! Even if it takes a lifetime to find it.

Marjorie Hemmerde, 106 years old, and Gavin Crawford, 73 years old, just met recently. But already they are quite a pair.

Their story should prove to the biggest skeptic, that without any doubt, it is never too late to meet and have a life with that 'special someone'.

Neither Marjorie nor Gavin had ever been married, and both had given up on any hope to find true love.

After retiring to a nursing home a few years ago, neither of them had any idea of finding that "special someone" and only had hopes of enjoying what might remain of their twilight years.

Then something happened to change it all - FOREVER.

It was when Gavin met Marjorie that it all began - and the rest is how they say, "love at first sight".

Now they are together constantly, like two young sweethearts, exchanging glances at each other, smiling then looking down shyly.

Marjorie says, "We seem to be melted to each other and we get along like old friends. The age difference doesn't matter". Remember, he's just a young 73 year old kid. Ha Ha.

The retired librarian took her very first trip overseas back when she was only 96. Now she is the oldest living person to have ever kissed the 'Blarney Stone' in Ireland (people there belief if you kiss it, you'll be quite a talker).

But that's not the last kiss she gave. No sir. She's found life and happiness in the way she feels when Gavin is around. Which is pretty much all day in the nursing home.

And Gavin is pretty taken too! He says, "I have found my princess".

"She is outgoing and has a great view of life", he says, "And she's always so cheerful, thankful and we enjoy laughing together all the time."

He continues, "We've both learned life is far too short, not to enjoy it".

The social life manager at the nursing home, Ms. Fraser says, "Just seeing their relationship bloom has been heart warming to us all. They found each at this late point in their lives and that is so beautiful", she continued, "And it is so uplifiting and positive for them both and for all of us too!"

She sums it all up saying, "This is so genuine. It is so real. This proves to us all - it is never too late"

A beautiful true story and certainly a reminder for all of us - NEVER GIVE UP & ALWAYS HAVE HOPE & FAITH.

You never know, just when you are about to give up - Allah could have a wonderful plan in store for you.

The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked, "Tell us something about this 'deen' (religion of Islam), that only you could tell us".

The prophet, peace be upon him, replied, "Qul amanta billah thum astaqeem" - [Say, 'I believe in Allah, then remain steadfast on what you said'].

Peace to All - Salam alaykum!


#2 Yusuf Estes 2013-05-09 06:27
As much as I enjoy nice articles like this, we as Muslims should be trying to give these two people dawah to Islam._It seems they must be in Australia and I know some brothers and sisters of dawah there._IISNA is the name of one of most reputable organizations for dawah there._I hope someone there is reading this and will check out what can be done to give some dawah to the elderly in retirement centers there._You can use our best dawah sites:_www.What sIslam.com_www. ShareIslam.com_ www.GodAllah.co m_www.ConvertsR everts.com_and www.GuideUS.TV__Many people have come to Islam through these sites, Al Hamdulillah.
#1 sk 2013-05-08 08:33
who knows how long the marriage will last before the decree comes. should be planning her funeral.
should not be fooled by the dunya & it's attractions. the next life is the real life.

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