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BAN ON FACE COVERBan Face cover in France


Hijab in general and niqab (face cover) in particular are hot topics right now around the world, but nowhere more than in Europe's most Muslim populated country.

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We all know what's going on - But what are we prepared to do about this very serious oppression of a woman to decide to cover her body, even her face if she desires?

What about the treatment of women in Islam? www.IslamsWomen.com

How can we answer these people attacking Islam? www.WhatsIslam.com

Any place to answers to questions (is simple English - free)? www.JustAskIslam.com

What about attacks and harsh treatment toward our faith? www.SearchForIslam.com Type in only one word: "Harsh"
You will find many great documents but there are many people who just don't know where to get the truth.

Let's focus on this idea, all of us and work toward really presenting more - www.FaceIslam.com

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#5 jay 2014-12-18 09:11
And I find people walking around with their breasts and (butts) hanging out to be very offensive so maybe they should cover themselves.
#4 cupcake 2014-09-06 18:03
niqab in other religions existed.
Christian theologian Clement of Alexandria, Paedagogus [The Instructor], Book III. Chapter XI. English translation from Ante-Nicene Fathers wrote ...go to church decently attired, with natural step, embracing silence, possessing unfeigned love, pure in body, pure in heart, fit to pray to God. Let the woman observe this, further. Let her be entirely covered, unless she happens to be at home. For that style of dress is grave, and protects from being gazed at. And she will never fall, who puts before her eyes modesty, and her shawl; nor will she invite another to fall into sin by uncovering her face. For this is the wish of the Word, since it is becoming for her to pray veiled.”
#3 kathy 2014-09-04 04:19
also in israel there are approx 1% i think im not sure the mount exact of JEWISH WOMENyes you heard me correctly that wear niquab yes its not just some muslim women that wear niquab and the long clack capelike attire for the ultimate modesty.its jewish women as well i met one in new york and spoke with her and her husband.the israeli government is trying to get this banned.if i see her again i want to bring her and her husband to the masjid where i live to speak if they like
#2 Abdul 2014-09-03 19:50
France, land of the filth..
#1 cupcake 2014-09-03 10:58
the french constitution guarantees freedom of religion. French religious policy is based on the concept of laïcité (the absence of religious involvement in government affairs as well as absence of government involvement in religious affairs). so what's the problem???

the most basic freedom, the freedom to choose what to wear, is being taken away from Muslim women in many modern societies. If forcing someone to wear the burqa is oppressive, is not forcing someone to remove it equally oppressive?

maybe they will wear surgical masks instead of niqab.

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