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PARIS FRANCE - Government Wants "NO COVER UP"

Hijab in general and niqab (face cover) in particular are hot topics right now around the world, but nowhere more than in Europe's most Muslim populated country.

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LONG LIVE HIJAB!hijab men_only7

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Not All Men Want The 'BAN'

hijab men_spongebob1Sponge Bob Can Wear it - Why Can't We?

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#4 sam the man 2013-05-01 22:38
to aka guy
u r rong bout all this as i also was 2, but now
i did chnge my mind to the turth
women atet to the best of them and the should not be to al of this as we think of Islam together
u need to look like i did for it
read n see 4 yorself 2 belief
#3 Aka Guy 2013-05-01 14:25
big deal, just tell them to get over it
why all this about the face?
if she is ugly then cover it up
if she is OK then show off the beauty
what are we livin in the stoone age or wha?
just get along and be showshable thts what i say
#2 sam the man 2013-05-01 05:00
OK i saw the website www. IslamsWomen .com
you will change your mind about the Islam treatments
of the womens and you see for yourself the truths
dont listen to this guys and all they say they are the liars
just see for yourself
good luck guys
#1 sk 2013-04-30 17:46
so much for gender equality.
I think the French muslimahs can change the way they dress a little bit so they don't get singled out.
don't need to wear all black. other colors are acceptable.
wear a half niqab. might be less noticeable.
instead of abaya wear a long dress or coat or whatever long clothing is worn in france by the general public. islam does not comply 1 to wear eastern or western dress.
those who screen/cover their eyes, it's not mandatory. eyes are not awrah. cover what is mandated.

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