Chicago Man Enters Islam

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Anthony From Chicago
Enters Islam in Egypt with
Yusuf Estes & Pierre Vogel
shahadah Anthony05a

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Pierre Vogel (Abu Hamza) & Yusuf Estes in Cairo
Asking "Anyone Want To Enter Islam Tonight?"
shahadah Anthony01

Anthony Came Up On Stage
He Says, "Yes! I Want to be a Muslim!"

shahadah Anthony02

Yusuf Says,
"You believe in One God & Muhammad is His Messenger?"
shahadah Anthony05

Anthony says, "Yes, I do"

shahadah Anthony04l[CLICK IMAGE for VIDEO]

Yusuf says, OK. Repeat After me,
"Ashadu an Laa elaha illallah. Muhammad Rasoolullah"
shahadah Anthony06

(now the English) "I bear witness none to worship except Allah,
and Muhammad is His messenger!"
shahadah Anthony07

(Yusuf says), "Now you are my brother in Islam . . ."shahadah Anthony08 [CLICK IMAGE for VIDEO]

Abu Hamza says,
"Who's Next?"
shahadah Anthony09 [CLICK IMAGE for VIDEO]

Anthony Joins Us Saying to the People - "Who's Next?"

shahadah Anthony10 [CLICK IMAGE for VIDEO]

"Who's Next?" - I hope you give this link to the 'NEXT" New Muslim.
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NEWS UPDATE: -- Yusuf Estes is NOT DEAD [click for story]


#5 Yusuf Estes 2013-05-07 20:25
Many people enter Islam these days, in spite of the lies and misconceptions about islam and the Muslims.
We should be very thankful to Allah that He is still guiding us, inshallah.
Also be sure to share the stories of many new converts (reverts) on (these videos are great dawah)
#4 MARIAMINISLAM 2013-04-26 00:49
Assalamu alykum
I have to leave my comment here as the comment button under the article about Arnold van Doorn does not work.
Mash'Allah how Allah can guide a person!
I just need to point out to you A MISTAKE IN HIS NAME. In the article I saw it is correct "VAN DOORN" but the title says "VAN DOOM" ... please update that?
Jezzak' Allahu khairan
#3 Abdullah Yusuf 2013-04-24 12:08
Masha Allah
#2 Yusuf Estes 2013-04-23 03:09
Dear brother
#1 sk 2013-04-22 19:03
all praise is for allah who helped guide the new brother. I hope he remains steadfast in the deen. he should also take new muslim classes at the mosque to help increase his knowledge & he needs friends who will help him in the way of islam. I hope he's ready for all the obstacles he's going to face. maybe he can get new muslim support at his mosque.

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