Evolution or Creation? Scientific Proof - AT LAST!

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Clear Proofs!
Fossils Don't Lie


"Amazing! This changes everything!" say faith leaders, when learning what Dr. Nowet Awl claims in his recent findings concerning the development of human beings on earth.

"I have to admit, what Dr. Nowet Awl has revealed - Well, it just had to come out sooner or later", says one minister who (asked not to be named)

"Does he think people will stop believing just because he writes a book?" - Another preacher (requested not to name)

Dr. Awl claims he has discovered new evidence about evolution and creation to settle the debate about creation versus evolution, once and for all.

According to Dr. Awl, "Christian, Jewish and even Islamic scholars will be surprised to learn - they were wrong all these years."

Judism, Christianity, Islam and other religions have long favored creation over evolution but, "Now," says Dr. Awl, "Truth has come indeed and falsehood is destroyed."

And he continues, "Very soon you will all come to know the truth about these misconceptions and you will have to deal with the reality. We have solid, proven and testable evidence to show once and for all - THERE IS EVOLUTION!"

"But that's not all . ." Dr. Awl was quick to say, "I've been asked about something scientists call, 'Intelligent Design'", (a term coined by scientists in the last decade when discoveries of certain fossil species did not evolve, but just showed up in a certain time period), he says,

"What I have found about the creation theory is even more interesting (than evolution theory) and those who hold to either belief will both just have to learn how to live this evidence."

But get this - Stephen Hawking admitted universe is expanding (just like it says in Quran) and that originally everything was all one solid mass - also in Quran. But then he says something that just shows what people will do to avoid the obvious truth -

He said, the universe just created itself (from nothing)? . . . and he said "It's expanding.."

What does Quran say? (glad you asked) - Allah calls Himself "Al Bari" (The Evolver). He is the One who brings into existance from nothing and He is the One who EVOLVES it.


Creation or Explosion OR Accident (or Created Itself)?

We can turn our attention to the earth and the heavens and make observations on our own without a 'genius' scientist telling us what we are seeing. And then the idea that nothing is sustaining the heavens and the earth! - 'It just runs itself'? How? (READ MORE):

Think about the stars, the sun, the moon and the countless solar systems and galaxies in the universe.
Who or What created them in the first place?
They continue to function and move with the utmost precision and accuracy.
Who does this? Who keeps them gliding along on their courses and orbits preordained for them?

The Quran on the Origin of the Universe

...and there's so much more on our SCIENCE ISLAM website.


#1 cupcake 2014-09-03 11:19
if the universe just created itself from nothing then why not make something like the universe without using anything that exists.
cant even clone a human being.

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