Suhaib Webb & Yusuf Estes DIALOG (not debate)

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Debates Bring So Much Heat
But Not So Much Light..
We Say Dialog
Suhaib Web Visit Ohio1
Let's Dialog & Share


We Muslims can make a big debate with Christian scholars & beat them down!

We can prove our religion and they can't. Their Bible is nothing but translation copies.

Quran never been changed and still in Arabic, memorized by all Muslims - exactly.

So they would have to accept Islam and be Muslims, right?

That would solve everything from now on because after all the people know there will be no more arguments.

We could raise, say about $35,000 and make a big convention out of it, inshallah.

ANSWER - Yusuf Estes & Suhaib Webb Agree (do you...?)

We were honored by Sheikh Suhaib Webb by a visit to our community here in Columbus, Ohio. While he was here we discussed many things about the condition of our ummah and the dawah here in America. It seems we are all on the same page when it comes to bringing the message to our youth and non-Muslims.

Here is what we come up with - READ...

Bismillah Rahman Raheem. "Allahu 'Alim Allah Knows Everything"

Debates? - Dialogs?
Or Something Even Better?

Here is our reply back to your suggestion of investing thousands of dollars into debates against people who bring nasty attacks against Islam and Muslims.


If you allow me to go into some very serious details and offer very real solutions, inshallah, I intend to offer ways we can all benefit immediately and on a long term basis as well.


First of all, regarding the subject of debates, if a debate is all that is needed, we would have finished this whole issue off many years ago, even before I came to Islam back in 1991.


Fact is, most of these bad debates can make things even much worse than now!


The way people in the west are conducting these so-called debates is far away from the way of our prophet, peace be upon him. Most today are not as interested in knowing the truth as they are interested in promoting themselves and their agendas, organizations, or just making a lot of money.


Add that to the way these events are put on and you see even more problems after the debates that before. This is due to a lack of understanding of the purpose and the proper way of presentation for debating in Islam.


When two or more people, educated or involved in the science of discovery come together to openly discuss their opinions on a controversial topic, with the intention of learning and presenting to their audience the findings on the topic, then this is highly appreciated in Islam.


This is especially welcomed when the participants want to benefit from each other and go away from the event better prepared to present their findings in the future, or as in this case, abandon their incorrect philosophies and adopt the position of their opponent and accept Islam.


But that is not going to happen in the vast majority of cases, simply because these people have already been exposed to some of the incorrect information about Islam and Muslims, and have formed in their hearts a total resistance to anything we might like to offer. And in addition to this, they are going to use any means to try to show Islam and Muslims in the worst possible way. They will manipulate and twist things way out of proportion to further their cause and to make the audience feel even worse about Islam.


All of this I have seen first hand in front of my own eyes since coming to Islam over 20 years ago. I have been on the stage several times when things turned into debates and both of the speakers where trying to show off and cut down each other. All of this is contrary to the way Islam wants us to conduct ourselves at all times and especially when giving the dawah to the people.


What is needed is exactly what we are doing right now and that is education of ourselves and our neighbors as to what true Islam is all about. Only we need to increase it and bring it out in the open for more people to see, especially the Muslims.


We have over 2,300 domain names and websites on the Internet and I have been building these and monitoring the effect on the public for nearly 15 years. I started back in the fall of 1997 dialoging and debating in chatrooms and forums online, and then finally building my own websites in February of 1998 until today.


We put the very first video for Islam (several) on Google videos even before they came up with YouTube. We also put some of the very first videos on YouTube right after it started.


Al Hamdulillah, by the Grace of Almighty God, we were able to put the first TV station on satellite for Islam in English for America two years ago and now we are working to put it on Dish and cable networks. The results have been truly amazing. We have seen so many thousands of people all around the world enter Islam after learning the correct message and many of them right in front of my face, Al Hamdulillah.


More important are the young Muslims. They are more in number than the non-Muslims, and they have the right to know about the features, advantages and benefits of Islam, so they can worship Allah with confidence and practice the religion the way it was intended from the beginning. Their lives are in deep trouble right now, simply because they have not been given the proper exposure to the beauties of this deen.


So instead of worrying about debating with professional haters of Islam, and spending huge amounts of money to make things worse, you can join along with us and watch something growing for Islam in America and around the world.


Here are some examples of what our team members enjoy as rewards from Allah, inshallah:

I encourage you to support and ask others to join along with you and us to bring the real message of true Islam to the public and especially to our own youth. All of us share the need to know and understand how to deal with our problems in today's world as true believers. And this project in unique in that we operate only from donations from our own viewers, people just like you.

Ready to give this a try and see yourself as part of the solution?

You can text me (my phone does not ring most of the time) (703) 969 9750 or email me back here.

Or just go online and get started:

You Type & We Print
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#3 Fitzgerald 2013-01-31 22:12
I agree. One of the ways that I have found to be effective in discrediting these liars is to break the framed debates and go into areas that the controlled media would hate to debate: like the 9/11 lie and the blatant propaganda machine and the CIA involvement in flase-flags, all of which are documented many times over. Also, point out the fact that Islamic mafias have been put in control in Muslim countries by the Illuminati. All of suddden, the picture will be totally different in these people's minds, and they will break their programming and start to look for the truth from other sources than the TV and the controlled media.
#2 sk 2013-01-19 06:41
don't need to debate with christian scholars. let them go the bible scholars so they can learn what jesus was teaching. then let them go to shareislam & use the links to do comparision between islam & christianity. they will see similarities & things will make sense.
#1 richard breveglieri 2013-01-15 03:52
The article above is well taken and is the main cause as to why their are so many false opinions about both faiths...I attend a new Mosque in my area and it is pathetic as to the lack of teaching and confusion within...once the believers get past the shoes off and wash up time everything else is each man to his own opinions...I agreed to help repair some things at the location and was told that he did not have the time or the effort to do is so evident that many in Islam as in Christianity do little studying and follow here say about how bad both religions are...It is very evident that the Lord has keep both faiths flowing and maintained their presence over all these centuries because man is incapable of sustaining anything except his evil nature which remains alive and strong in these last days before the return of Christ who will set every crooked thing right....RCB contact me

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