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December 24th 2012 -- U.N. Envoy Meets Syrian President Assad For Solutions

Special United Nations envoy, Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi met President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Christmas eve to discuss a solution to the 21-month-old conflict of violence all over Syria and Damascus, its capital.

United Nations and Arab League envoy arrived at the capitol city of Damascus by driving all the way through Lebanon rather than by air due to military combat taking place all around the international airport, making it impossible for flights there. The most of the country, now under siege sees its own capital paralyzed by the fighting.


Syrias struggle_Lakhdar_Assad

Reporters say Mr. Brahimi met with Assad discussing Syria's general conditions and possible solutions to this crisis that has left more than 44 thousand citizens dead and thousands more serious injured, according to citizens there. "I told him what I was seeing abroad and about the meetings I had with different officials in the region and abroad," he said.

"The situation in Syria still is a reason for worry. We hope that all the sides work toward the solution, as the Syrian people want."

This meeting on Monday was Mr. Brahimi's third such visit with Assad. However the violence has only escalated since the beginning.

Rebel citizens have been successful in regaining control over a number of the occupied military locations throughout the country, even some close to their capital city of Damascus, bringing about further aggression from Assad's military forces including heavy artillery and air raids against the people.

The city of Damascus, the very seat of power for Assad and his regime currently see active combat between government militia and its own citizens in its own city, including parts of southern Damascus and throughout the suburbs in the eastern edges.


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#2 Utba 2012-12-24 11:40
The rebels are on the straight psth. al-Hamdulillah.
#1 ben_boy 2012-12-24 05:55
is this a jihad or not?
if it is a jihad, is it the assad government against the rebels?
or is it a jihad of the people against the government?
how do we define this as a jihad or not?
please tells us

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