Is It OVER in Syria (at last)?

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Syria President "Crushed"
Alawites on the Run

Wafa Sultan liar

UPDATE: Remember "Wafa Sultan"? The Alawite lady who claimed she used to be a Muslim and after seeing her professor assasinated at college, she left Islam? [article click here]
These are the same people who have been running the regime of terror in Syria and now it looks like they are moving on to higher ground (running away?)

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ISLAMNEWSROOM UPDATE December 17, 2012  — Syria's President & Supporters Running for Cover

The supporters of Syria's president Bashar are getting out of town - quick. It seems, according to diplomatic sources close to the action in this war torn country, that hundreds if not thousands of the oppressive Alawites and their supporters have sent their families out to the provinces controlled by Alawites up and down the Mediterranean Sea. They will be right behind, according to the source, who says that Damascus is no longer immune to the take over from the Sunni Muslim community.

A source who withheld name says, "It's too dangerous for civilians to travel in Damascus" (the capitol of Syria), "the feeling is they (regime) officials and their families were being monitored by rebel units.

Five days ago (December 12) Assads militia shot over a half dozen Scud B missiles into civilian resistance fighters strongholds. Sources say the missiles came out of Damascus right into the civilian held strongholds in northern Syria.

The sources say a mass exodus out of Damascus started back in the summer of 2012. However they say the steady flow of Assad supporters are almost all from the extermist sect of Alaween, and since last month (November) have quickly increased their exit amid heavy conflicts with the civilians of Syria and rebel groups of the Sunni Muslim community.

Assad’s family members have not been seen in months, and it is believed Assad own wife and family are thought to be overseas or possibly at the Syrian port of Tartous, controlled by Russia's Navy.

Maher, Assad's brother has not been seen anywhere in public since a resistance bombing of the national security center in Damascus back in July. Assad's sister and her family also took off and are now reported to be living it up in U.A.E.

President Assad is reported to still be on the scene in his palace, under protection of his 'Elite Guard'. They say the president is not directing the day to day war against Syria's civilians any longer.

Rumors have it he is emotionally and mentally crushed and just waiting for the end to come. This is according to a source in Western intelligence.

In any case, it does appear that at last, there may be some hope for the citizens of Syria to see an end to what some are calling the "Most Disgusting Display of Monarchy Oppression in Recent History".

Some say Assad's brother, Maher had directed the war against the people even though the opposition had been claiming he died back in August.

Turkey has played a major role in training and equipping the civilian rebels, say certain diplomats. They mention also the paralyzed condition of life in Damascus resulting from constant explosions, repeated car bombs and assassinations taking place, much of this linked to the regime.

The Mezzeh area of Damascus appears to be one of the leading targets for the rebels as it contains the elite of the Alawite and supporters of the Assad regieme.

Another source says, the "Regime is preparing the Latakia province for the next stage" and the presidents people "are setting up government centers and trying to block the Sunni Muslims from entering into the province without clearance"

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#4 sk 2012-12-20 07:12
i doubt they're finished with syria. maybe they will go after iran. all of the bloodshed and oppression will end with the return of the messiah.
#3 Jamaal 2012-12-17 18:21
Allahu Akbar!!!!!
#2 al-Mugheera 2012-12-17 13:52
Allah Akbar!
#1 Umar 2012-12-17 09:30
Thank you for sharing some insights into the Syrian situation. I was looking for some credible news to see who is right and who is wrong in this conflict. I have totally lost trust in mainstream media a long ago. But one thing I don't understand is why US is supporting the rebels?? US normally supports the other side when it comes to Islam

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