Don't Buy - BOYCOTT ISRAEL Bar Code 7 29

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7 29 - DON'T BUY!- 7 29 - DON'T BUY!
Chants to be heard outside Washington, D.C.?
Are Demonstrators Planning Parades?
What about other cities, states & countries?


A former resident of the D.C. area, not far from where president Obama will be taking his oath of office, said today, "I refuse to buy anything with that (bar code) on it, until Israel wakes up to what she is doing in our world"

DONT BUY"Avoiding Bar Codes on products made in Israel with the numbers 7 29 is NOT ENOUGH" - according to the man, who asked not to be named in our article.

But he is not the only one who figured there are many different brands, company names and trade marks - ALL COMING OUT OF ISRAEL - OR OWNED BY ISRAEL.

And he's not the only one who sees this as the peaceful way to bring and end to the horrible conditions going on in Gaza - right now.

Who knows? Maybe this could be the way to stop a lot more countries from dealing war and get back to dealing out products.

Oh, wait - that's right, war is a way of dealing out products, isn't it? There's guns, bullets, tanks, planes, uniforms, boots, rockets not to mention poisonous gasses, nuclear bombs.

Well, at least we should try out best, right?

Dear Readers, whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or any belief - think about it. We really only want it to be fair and when it is balanced for all people to live in peace, there will be a much better atmosphere for each and every human to live, love and experience the good in this life, if not as brothers - at least as neighbors.

Unless and until the soldiers in Israel stop acting as guards for a prison (Palestine) harassing, beating and killing inmates (Palestinian Arabs), the least we can do is stop contributing to the problem by financing their whole operation. If enough of us around the world will just share this article, the links and pass out the information and talk about this in Facebook, Twitter and blogs - IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And at least we can say, "We tried".

Here is the link for all of the products contributing to this 'Holocaust in Palestine': (read it - use it - share it - DO IT)


#5 nnnn 2012-11-20 15:36
@fullmonty shut the hell know very well that you are killing innocent people in gaza but guess what? i cant wait till Allah's wrath comes over you all and you rot in hell....and its true....we will have victory so much that even the tree will speak out against you and say THERES A JEW HIDING BEHIND ME..WHAT A LOSER YOU ARE...
#4 sara lee 2012-11-20 14:56
Yeah right! u r an idiot. It is Isreal who keeps killing Muslims! Why do u think Palestine barely exist anymore. Due to Isreal killing them, sending them to camps, and taking over their land. Its not even about your religion, its about fairness idiot.
#3 fullmonty 2012-11-20 01:01
Stop sending rockets over to Israel. These jews want nothing to do with you muslims. It is you muslims that keeps on plauging the jews.

Leave them be, and they will leave you.
#2 sk 2012-11-19 17:01
not only boycott companies that support israel but also do not support artists that support israel. christians need to stop taking trips into the holy land. there are list products/compan ies which you can boycott@
#1 Amir 2012-11-19 08:29
If Muslims quit drinking Starbucks, that will make a statement.

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