Egypt Airways Allows Hijab (at last)

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Egyptian Airline Permits
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Hijab on Female Attendants

Cairo, Egypt -- November 13, 2012

EgyptAir has consented to allow female flight attendants to cover themselves according to Islamic teachings.

Many Muslim sisters were celebrating this week over the victory in gaining the freedom to wear hijab (Muslim headcoverings).

After campaigning for a lengthy period, the women working for Egypt Air were very pleased to learn they would now be allowed to cover themselves according to the teachings of their faith in Islam.

This will be the very first time since the inception and creation of the air carrier was established back n 1932, according to airline officials in Cairo, on Sunday.

The first to wear the appropriate dress for Muslim ladies worked on the flights into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Some see this as an advancement and attribute the new president's Islamic affliation as a real boon to their cause. Others see this as giving in to the new regime and fear more influence from the Muslim brotherhood.

Regardless of the opinions of others, the ladies remain very satisfied with finally being able to chose for themselves how they would like to appear in public, something not afforded to Muslims working in public work force during previous leadership.


#4 Rick 2012-11-28 18:09
This is basic human rights. Al-hamdulallah.
#3 sk 2012-11-19 17:47
men also have to follow a certain dress code. can't wear clothing that's tight, transparent or resembles the opposite gender. even though a man's upper half is not awrah, he should not show off his upper half because it might cause temptation.
men are also required to show their identity as muslims by keeping a beard & wearing a cap. what we need is a hijab for men clip.
#2 Roselee 2012-11-14 12:57
Ben. men also have a responsibility to dress modestly as well. They have an awrah too. They should cover from the top of their belly button to below their knee caps, so being shirtless showing the lower half of the stomach is not permissible.
#1 Ben Adamson 2012-11-13 20:59
its about time egyptians can make choise of what to wear in public works
i do support the ladies ot have a choice to wear but i am glad i am a man and do not have to be concerned for what i have to cover myself

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