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Preacher Considers Islam
Will You Help?

We ask all Muslims to read carefully what a church leader and pastor is asking us for, and then read what we have sent back. Then leave your comments and suggestions to let him know about Islam, and pray for him too!

Here is his letter and request to us:

Hello Imam Yusuf,

I have watched your videos and heard your testimony on www.TubeIslam.com

And then I also saw your video about INNOCENCE OF MUHAMMAD and now this website page and heard your story once again. I also listend to many of your lectures and read your articles and I feel like I don't know what to say any more.

At first, I was thinking to get a lot of information from the Arab Christians who assure me Islam is wrong and terrorism and many bad things. I got lots of stuff about Muslims from these pages to "fight against Islam" and you too. I wanted to preach you the Bible and Jesus for salvation, but the message of Islam came out strong to me. Now I am afraid of my feelings...

I feel I am in war with myself. But I am the preacher of our church and people respect me in our city. They see me right now as a religious man and community leader.

I did not tell anyone about my problem inside of me, not even my family. I am over 30 years old, I have a wife, children and very good position in our community. Everyone looks up to me and I am very much respected here.

My fear is, if I accept Islam, it would be the end of my career as a minister. I would have no job, no income, no money, no house, no car.

The community would definitely reject me immediately, people would be hurt by my decision to leave the church and go to Islam. My family would suffer, my children would be ridiculed.

My life would be a disaster and who would be there to care or help?

I have tried to forget all of this about Islam, but I can't. Your words keep coming back into my head again and again. "There is no God to worship, except One God - ALLAH". Also, "Worship the Creator, not the creation".

It all makes so much sense, but what can I do? Will you help me? Can you help me?


Here is our reply back to him:

Bismillah - Salam alaykum

(translation: 'In the Name of Allah, Peace Be Upon You All)

Dear Pastor,
I know more how you feel than you might think. Actually, I was trying to convert a Muslim gentleman from Egypt into Christianity over 21 years ago and I got stuck. Really stuck.
You see, I was saying things according to what I had heard from many different preachers and missionaries, while this man was practicing the very way of Jesus, peace be upon him, in front of my eyes.
The man was praying many times a day (every day) and fasting and doing such kind deeds, sharing whatever he had with us and always being the most polite person you could imagine.
I had thought at one time, if we get this man to Christianity, he could qualify as a saint almost immediately. (LOL)
Seriously, his manners were much better than I thought considering he was one of those "MOZLEMS". He exhibited something of good character and intelligence beyond anything I had been prepared for.
Even then, I was still thinking of ways to get him to Christ. After all, I was not prepared to admit anything could be wrong with my beliefs, the bible or Christianity at that time.
Here is something to consider and it was presented to me by my friend from Egypt in a way that really made me think:
"Islam teaches us to go to the thing that is best, no matter what it is"
He even indicated he would go to my religion if it was better than his religion. This really got me going and I thought, "I got him!" After all, think about this; in Christianity you don't have to pray five times a day, you don't have to fast the month of Ramadan (you don't have to fast at all), you don't have to make a pilgrimage to any place, you don't have to worry about your sins, because all of that is dumped on Jesus (peace be upon him) and your free to go on doing whatever you like, more or less.
When I presented this to him, he simply told me again, "I am ready to go to your religion if it is better than my religion - But you will need proof"
"What do you mean 'PROOF'? Religion is not about 'PROOF', it is about 'FAITH'".
He told me, "In Islam we have faith, but we have proof to back it up."
Me - "Do you mean to sit there, as a Muslim, and tell me you can offer solid proof that there really is GOD?"
Him - "Do you mean to sit there, as a preacher for Christianity, and tell me YOU CAN'T?"
"What did he just say? There's no solid testable proof for the existence of God."
Him - "Islam provides us with clear evidence for the existence of Allah and proof that Islam is the correct way."
Of course now I want to ask him for his proof. But that would mean if he has any proof I am the one who would naturally have to move to what he has, right? After all, if his religion teaches you to go to the thing with the most proof, where would I be if I said different?
There is of course, much more to the story. But this is sufficient to give you the essence of my beginnings of reevaluation of the philosophy I had harbored for many years.
The proof for Islam is all around us in everything we do and everything that happens. Once we understand the meanings of the Quranic text into the English language (at least the basics), then we begin to see a whole new picture. Then if we ask for Guidance from Above, there can be no doubt, the Guidance of Almighty God will come.
The Quran is the literal SPEECH OF ALLAH to the unlettered prophet, peace be upon him, who was predicted in the Old Testament. Muhammad, peace be upon him, loved Jesus, peace be upon him, and clarified what his mission had been and what it would be in the future when he returns to the earth in the Last Days. Muhammad, peace be upon him, made many amazing predictions that have now come true in front of our own eyes, even in our own time.
Basically, Islam as a word describes the way Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught his disciples, but as a way of life is not new at all. The verb it comes from is aslaama, and It came with Adam, peace be upon him, and was rekindled by each prophet who came after him. The essence of Islam is very simple: Declare your belief in the One God of the universe, then be steadfast on that belief. Loving God is more than just loose words. It is to commit oneself to the service of the Lord in all we do, from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep. It is to submit to the Will of God in our daily lives from childhood to the grave. It is to surrender ourselves over to Him on all levels and do our best to be in service to mankind for the sake of our Lord and be in peace with whatever He may cause to befall us, good or bad.
That is ISLAM.
If anyone, anywhere, anytime declares the correct belief in the One God, Creator of the universe, and their commitment to follow His Commandments and His Messengers (prophets), peace be upon them all, then this person has in fact, submitted in peace to the Will of God (ASLAAMA). Simple as that.
So, what is the difficulty? Why is there so much surrounding this phenomenon of conversion to God's Way?
Think about it.
Was it easy for the prophets of old? Did they have it easy? Were their lives full of worldly things? Did they prosper in wealth, high rank and position and fame? Did they snap their fingers and get whatever they wanted?
Not really.
In fact, some of them suffered way beyond what we could even imagine.
Allah tells us in the Quran, this life we are going through here on earth is but a test. All of us are in the test. Some will choose to submit and will be tested even more while they remain here. But these people will most definitely gain the highest of places in the Next Life. While on the other hand, those who refuse to submit and take a course other than what Allah has ordained or prescribed for them, these people will without doubt be the losers in the Next Life.
And above all, it is always the choice of each individual to choose for themselves which direction they want.
Pastor, I am nobody in front of the Lord. In fact, I have to beg Almighty God everyday to forgive my sins and to grant His Mercy on me, with high hopes of His Grace so I may be absolved and enter into the Paradise. If there was really a shortcut to Heaven, I would be the first to sign up. But fact is - there is nothing like that.
Each and every one of us will be called to account for what we have done with this time He has granted us and none of us has a GOLD CARD for the Gates to Paradise to charge our sins to. This is ridiculous and we both know that. There is Grace. There is Mercy. There is Forgiveness. But this is only for those who did believe and do the deeds of righteousness and tried at least, to live as followers of the prophets, peace be upon them all.
We don't need to look at the lives of people around us to decide which direction to take. Many will claim to be in the right way, and still others will assume to speak on behalf of God Himself. But our own heart tells us clearly what the right way is and if we want to be guided - the Guidance is there.
You can do what I did, and what others have done and some are even doing right now. Just open your heart and mind, clear away all of the previous misgivings, doubts and whispers of the devil. Then ask Almighty God, Lord of the Universe: "God, guide me".
Guide me.
That is the key to open the door of true salvation. Humble yourself to your Creator and sincerely, humbly, ask Him to bestow upon you the Way, the Light and the Truth. And He Will.
Beyond this, I can do nothing more that offer my prayers for both you and I - for this very same guidance.
"May Allah, Almighty God, Lord of all that exits, grant us both His Guidance, His Mercy, His Forgiveness, and save us from the punishment of Hell and grant us Paradise, ameen."
Peace, brother Irving, peace,
Yusuf Estes

P.S. here is something: www.WhatsIslam.com Please watch these two videos and comment back to me, if you can

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#14 Abdul 2012-11-17 07:22
Dear Pastor, Peace be upon you. ____after reading your letter i can tell you are heading towards the right direction. if you wanna learn more about islam you gotta go to practising muslims, the main source. for example if your car broke down you aint gonna go to a computer repair for advice.____you mentioned your fear is, ____i quote
#13 Mehrab 2012-11-15 17:39
Dear Mr Pastor, May the Peace and blessings and mercy of Allaah be upon you.

Once the truth has appeared...........
With all due respect, I believe you already know what you have to do.
I sincerely ask Allaah to help, guide and make it easy for you, Aameen.
#12 khairul 2012-11-13 17:29

Dear Pastor,

The link that I pasted above will lead you to quran recitation from surah Ash-Shu'ara'. Lets listen to it and tell us how you feel.

Anyway, the message of this surah has a lot to do wit your career.
#11 shaik 2012-11-12 03:54
Dear Pastor,__I would like to convey you about a Priest name during the Prophets time ._He his the companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ,his name is Abdullah Ibn Salaam (a jewish rabbi scholar who accepted islam at the hands of Prophet Muahmmad (Peace be upon him) .He was a learned man of religious scriptures who was widely respected and honored by the people of the city, even by those who were not Jewish during the Prophets time .Nevertheless, This didn't stop Abdullah Ibn Salaam (May God be pleased with him) accepting ISLAM .I believe this story of the companion of the Prophet will make your mind to accept ISLAM (Lord willing ) . _
#10 richard Breveglieri 2012-11-05 05:04
98% of christians and muslims don\'t know what they realy believe and are unqualified to give an opinion about either faith because they have never read the Quram if christian and if muslim have never read the books in the old and new covenants.__bot h religions command us to study the words of each religion to show ourselves approved of God.the christian religion has so many popes and denominations that one must read the word and pray to God for some light to sort out the present christian mess..Islam is very focused and stedfast in their beliefs.. If your seeking our soverign God will place you exactly were you should be...both christianity and Islam both teach that God is in total control.....
#9 Al Hassan 2012-11-05 00:50
Peace be upon you pastor. All praises be to God (Allah) for have opened your eyes to what we (Muslims) believe is the truth. Pastor, it\'s very natural to feel the way you do with regards to your concerns for yourself, your family and community, but however, know this for sure that God will never burden a soul beyond it capacity and that the difficulty of your choice is perhaps an indication of the high amount of reward that God has put in store for you, should you go ahead and make the right choice. __Pastor, as br. Yusuf has already said, this life we are living is a test from God. Remember that everything that you own or have relation with, whether it be your life, family, friends, house, cars etc... these are all TEMPORARY gifts from God directly or indirectly. If God should take your life today (as a Christian), you will loose all of those very same things that you mentioned... Would you then care more for those things than 4 ur own soul?__My best advice to you is to take solace with those great prophets of old - including Jesus (pbuh) - and the trails and tribulations, which they underwent to be on the path of truth. What you are facing seems like a prophetic challenge, so rest assured that your reward will also be in likewise prophetic proportion.__Sa lam!
#8 Rick 2012-11-04 16:38
Peace to you. Remember, Islam is the submission to the will and guidance of Allah. This is easy, but difficult and painful is our resistance to God's will. I myself gave up a lofty position after converting to Islam.The guidance of Allah will never lead us into a position where his love and grace can't sustain us. When you pray for guidance from Allah, put your shoes on and get ready to go.
#7 Gayle Gililland 2012-11-04 13:53
Peace be upon you Sir, I\\\'d like to say to you that if you become Muslim yes it will not be easy as a lot of thing change in your life. But knowing the truth will lead you to the everlasting hereafter that we will always have happiness and will never grieve. After I became Muslim my family at first wasn\\\'t too upset but when they realized I was not leaving Islam it really bothered them. They started to distance themselves from me. They hated islam and therefore cut ties with me. Only my brother who also hated Islam but loved me a lot stayed in contact with me. But that has been a real struggle for me as he always says terrible things about Islam and it really makes me mad. I was brought up in a Christian family and lived a typical American life. Right before I entered high school I got caught up in a crowd that liked to party and from there I started also doing as everyone else did. I got out of high school and decided to go to college and get a Criminal Justice degree and stopped all doing all illegal things. I still partyed but only drank alcohol. I went full time to college for about 1 1/2 years then decided to join the Navy in 1979 at the age of 24. Spent 5 years active duty and then got out. Several years later I joined the Navy reserves and spend 4 years in the reserves. During the 4 years of service I was called to active duty in support of Desert Storm and was sent to Bahrain, a small arab country off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Was there for 5 months and then went back home. It was really strange coming back and I\\\'d always get these feelings of wanting to go back to Bahrain but didn\\\'t know why. I also would find myself looking around and wondering where all the Muslims were. Though I didn\\\'t even know what they believed, I just remembered that the people over there seemed so nice. After a while though the feelings disappeared. Then after 9-11 happened I just really had the desire to know what Muslims believed. Even though Muslims did something terrible to my country I never had the attitude that all Muslims were bad. I searched the internet to find out what Islam was all about but with no intention of excepting Islam. But the more I researched about the religion I found myself wanting to learn more about Islam. It made so much sense that there was One God who created everything and He alone was in control of everything. He had no equal or didn\\\'t have any son that died for my sins. I had read in the Bible that the father could not bear the sins of the son nor could the son bear the sins of the father. I found passages in the Bible that told of a prophet to come and that he would be illiterate and God would put words in his mouth. Another verse from the O.T. that said
#6 Bint Omar 2012-11-04 08:23
Dear Pastor, __the following verses that i share with you here are one of the dearest verses to my heart from The Noble Qur'an:__And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent. [65:2-3]__read these verses thoroughly. Allah, our God, (Subhaanuh wa T'aala) said that He will be sufficient for us. you need not worry about the community, or your position, you will have Allah with you. you just need to take a simple step of accepting the truth and embracing Islam. you already know it, you already feel it, take the step which follows and remember that
#5 Marvi 2012-11-04 07:04
i'd like to suggest the preacher to get the copy of Qur'an and read its translation, besides these i'd like to convey these lines to him, that is the reality of the world;

Need permission to post comment