Women Come to Islam

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She Read . .
.convert woman1bWhat Did She Learn?


convert woman3

She Converted?

See  TUBEISLAM And Compare to False Media Statements About Islam & Muslims -
"Islamic Terrorists Kill . . ?" * "Suicide Islamics Bombers Blow Up..?" * "Moslem Maniacs Murder . .?"

But on THESE VIDEOS (Converts Reverts.com) We See:
"Jewish Girl Converts - Why?" * "Christian Lady Becomes Muslim?" * "Atheist Man Changed to Islam?"

Thinking people are asking 'Why did she?' or 'How could they?' and 'What's their reason?'

Questions - Answers?

convert woman1
. . But Why?. .
covert woman Jewish4. .Find Out . .

Read . .


"Why would a brilliant young, American Jewish girl leave her heritage and alienate her family, put herself in difficult position to join Islam?"

American Media focus on Islam in most negative light and protrays (betrays?) the Muslims as terrorists, hijackers, kidnappers, bombers, murderers and suicide maniacs without care for human rights or morals.

Strange as it may seem, converts (reverts) to Islam increase more and more, day by day, in the United States making it the fastest growing religion.

Those who know Muslims, see videos on TUBEISLAM.com

converts group1Now hear what other converts have to say

After people find the truth they wonder about the huge difference between news reports and what they see from real Muslims.

One example . .

"As Christians from Texas, we were amazed at the peaceful dedication and worship of the One God, from a Muslim man from Egypt and we just had to find out why he was nothing like what the media was describing. After learning the truth - I asked God to guide me.. and He did. We all accepted Islam" (a Texas family)

Others also changed their minds . .

"It (the internet) does have a lot of negative claims against Islam, yet at the same time there are many clear statements showing Islam to be the very opposite of these false claims. Everyone should take time to find out the real truth about this way of life" (a convert brother from Ohio)

The more people research, the more they find the Truth about Islam and accept it as their faith.

Allison Poole was Raised as a Southern Baptist Christian. She became Muslim this Ramadan. Alhamdulilah!

Since becoming Muslim, she feels more at peace and finds Islam has made he life much better as she has the right belief in God. Her family is completely behind her decision, but she finds fellow Americans still misunderstand Islam and say bad things.

Here is the proof - Share it with others: Jewish Girl Converts to Islam
Link: www.TubeIslam.com/video/3145

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#1 sk 2012-10-06 06:25
media portrays islam in a negative way because the media is run by the zionists. the media shows its anti-islamic propaganda to justify war against others

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