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iPhone? iPad? iPod?
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Funny! But this is No Joke:
FREE Islam Apps

Well, it's true! Someone has to pay for all of these things -- But at least we have some supporters helping us keep it all going. And believe it - we're going strong now, inshallah.


You've all been waiting a long time for this - Now It's Here . . And it's FREE

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  • Guide US TV brings Islam into your home, office or even in travel
  • Videos about everything in Islam - No Ads - No Bad videos - Just good, safe videos
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  • Watch Islam Anywhere Now - On satellite, Internet, smart phones & now Smart TV!
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  • iPad? iPod? iPhone? - Or Android? Enjoy on the go! -- even watch us on Smart TV or get Guide US TV.
  • Our apps are online, on smart phones, on smart pads, on smart tablets, on Smart TV and all for Smart People (like you).

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Share Islam with your family, friends & folks all around the world, on Facebook, Twitter & social networds -- all at ONE PLACE

By the way, does anybody remember when - People were smart - and phones were DUMB?

Me either . .

Please share our websites, TV channel, free Qurans & dawah books - All for the sake of Allah - We all need the rewards and everyone needs to know about Islam!

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#2 Lily 2012-11-19 15:19
Jazakallah kair!! I love the idea of an app. Inshaallah Allah (subhana wata'ala) will keep us in increasing faith. Ameen.
#1 Karl 2012-10-05 14:46
Alhummdeallah, It's good to see you now have an iPhone app for guide us tv. Inshallah you'll also make an app for viewing and searching the Qur'an and Hadiths with both English and Arabic. plus the ability to bookmark and take notes

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