Syria Air Attack Kills 30

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Syria Plane Bombs Gas Station Killing 30 Citizens

War Plane in Syria Bombs Gas Station In N.E. Syria - Kills 30 (or more) Say Citizens There

Citizens of Ain Issa, in northeastern Syria who were waiting in long lines for fuel, both gasoline and diesel when Syria's government planes flew in low and fast, dropping barrels of explosives down on the people.

Total number of those killed is expected to increase as more information becomes available.

Videos online showed images of a number of vehicles burned beyone recognition, bodies were not identified nor is there an reliable information available just yet regarding those killed.

One report says over 70 injured or wounded have been transported to a hospital located in nearby Raqqa.

Another report says the gast station was the only one remaining in operation for the entire area and crowds of citizens were all waiting in line hoping for fuel when the attack took place.

Military planes flew in dropping high explosies on the station, vehicles and those sitting or standing anywhere close to the target area.

The explosion was reported to be devasting, flashes of fire and flames in all directions. A tractor, trucks and smoldering cars can be seen in a video posted online just hours ago, but there is not confirmation on location or time.

Casualites have not been all identified or information released officially at this time. Prayers are requested for those who have passed away as well as for those left behind in this situation of chaos and tribulation.

Reports coming out of neighboring Lebanon tell us Syria's government has been hammering the citizens there for recent weeks, using air strike power as well as other forces. Even crude bombs, largely destructive barrels packed with high explosives are very common and used without concern for innocent lives of women, children or elderly.

Reporters are not allowed into the country at this time. However, we are seeking reliable information from those whom we know in the country.

Your prayers are very important right now - for those who remain there, living through this horrible experience every day.

Why not leave some encouraging words, or comments for those still suffering and a prayer for those who have passed on.

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#3 Marilyn Lame 2013-04-10 16:19
I pray to God (Allah) for this evil to stop. Shelter your Men and Women and your precious Children. The scripture says,"You will not give us more than we can bare" I trust the suffering will be taken from their minds and take them to Heaven quickly. Let us all keep our minds on the eternal reward. Our weapons are the "Promises of Allah" Be brave. Lord we look for your return in the clouds,come for us all!Bless these people ~ AMEN
#2 Ameer 2013-02-12 01:48
may Allah SWT guide and proctect all our muslim brothers and sisters in this donya from all evil and i wish for all humanity to at peace one day InshaAllah Ameen,peace be with you all my brothers and sisters Ameen
#1 sister 2012-10-14 16:17
May ALLAH grant Hidaya and protect islam and muslims all over the world and may ALLAH protect and keep this website forever Ameen

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