Atheism Reasonably Reasoned OUT!

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OR IS NOT . . ?
Atheism Answered CS Lewis

C.S. Lewis


Thinking About Atheism?
Hmm . . But What is it really?

[be sure to read C. S. Lewis Reasoning OUT Atheism below]
Atheism Answered CS Lewis

What is or isn't 'atheism' anyway.

The word comes from 'theist' (one who believes something).
When placing the letter 'a' in front of certain verbs it neutralizes the meaning to mean basically - 'without' or 'nil' or 'nothing to do with it'.

1. moral - add 'im' in front and it is the opposite = immoral; add the 'a' in front and it is void of any morals = amoral.
2. gnosis (knowledge) - add 'a' in front and it void of knowledge = agnostic
3. theist (believer) - add 'a' in front and it is void of any belief in anything = atheist

Now, let your brain think about it for a few minutes and see what this could lead to - -

Thought process demands us to reason out atheism. A belief in - eh, umm, ahhh - well actually, it is the belief that - or it is not actually a 'belief' because atheism means not to believe.

So, OK - ahh, atheism is not to believe in, no actually that is not proper English.

Atheism means there is no, well not anything to -

It means, nothing could or did . . no, eh, umm.

The belief in no kind of existence of any type of a belief in a, huh?


Ok, try this.

Atheism is all about believing in nothing, nowhere.

No, let's try it again.

Atheism is to not believe in the any kind of. no wait.

Hold on.

Atheism is disbelieving in belief of there being any beginning or, . . no..

To be an atheist is to not believe in the believing of the or a or any, eh..

One more timeā€¦

Atheism is not believing in nothing or believing that nothing is not ever . .

Ahh, there is nothing really, no real umm, nothing to really err,

Last chance - hmmmm?

Ahhhh, yes!

Atheism is NOTHING!
Atheism Reasoned OUT

Atheism grows today largely due to lack of understanding of true monotheism

If anyone comprehends this concept correctly, they would not be confused by the 'nothingness' of Atheism.

Here is the proof -

What Does Real Science Say About All This?


#1 3abdurrahman 2012-09-09 09:36
Great quote from CS Lewis.

There is an error in spelling though. In the last para, first line, the spelling should be 'thought' NOT thougth.

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