Queen Elizabeth in Hijab? (pix)

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Yes! It's Her Majesy Queen of UK
Queen covers hoodie2

Doing What She Does Best:
Impress Everyone

Queens cover ladies1

Wait 'til you see the last one (bottom of page)

Queen covers veil3b

We commoners living here in BK are all impressed.

Even some British reporters and commentators have a lot to say about this particular selection for her majesty's attire.

Some have speculated on the Queens choice of dress based on religious reasons, even going so far as to question her religious beliefs.
Put your mind at ease, her majesty is not about to go over to the Moslem faith just yet.

Well there's more (a lot more) Read . .

London, UK September 2012 - The Queen was photographed recently driving a Road Ranger and - wearing a 'Hoodie'Queen covers veil3

Her Majesty was also photographed in the veil of Islamic women. She visited a mosque (a Moslem holy site) and sat listening to the hymning of the Koran (the Moslem holy books).

Other occasions in similar dresses we see Her Majesty, looking very stylish in Arabic finery.

Other photos show the Queen's apparent attraction for dressing in the clothes of Moslem ladies can be seen in these photos.

We can see a genuine appeciation for all cultures in her majesty's taste and selection. Especially when entertaining women of the Arab or African world. Our Queen has the very best of royal style and is known around the world for her keen ability to make everyone comfortable, regardless of their dress.

Still - there are some who are frantically trying to make something out of all this. Tell them to sit down and not to get their knickers in a bunch.

Now get ready - Because here is our question for all to think about
. . "What if . .?"

Queens hijabi4

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#9 jkings 2012-09-20 10:01
It is not Koran, It is QURAN. It is 1 Holy Book not so many books
#8 Usman Mohamed Ibrahim 2012-09-08 20:16
Hijab and Niqaab are well conceived dress code for Muslim women (who are precious and the most regarded human race), If Queen is wearing means well and good, Let us pray to the Almighty that make every human being in this materialistic world to seek enlightenment about the true religion Islam. HER HIGHNESS is not exception and wish that HER HIGHNESS also exposed to Islamic teachings and also get connected to this wonderful religion one day Inshaallah.
#7 uzma 2012-09-08 13:46
v cnt say tht she z wearng hijab bt says she also covers hrslf like muslim women thn y double sta.dard fr muslim women
#6 Persian prince 2012-09-08 09:57
why on the earth would a Queen be driving road ranger??? Where's her driverZ lol
#5 Migna Khan 2012-09-07 22:28
The Queen is a witch. She is NOT wearing hijab. She is cloaked like the witch that she is. A succubus serving satan. She has KILLED more Muslims than can be counted. STOP promoting her as a Muslim. She is not Muslim. She hates Muslims. She is a satanic witch and she cloaks herself as such. Why are we promoting her as Muslim? She is the enemy of Islam.
#4 a muslimah 2012-09-06 14:25
modesty is a part of faith.
#3 jamaal mohammed 2012-09-06 12:11
may Allah guide her to the through to his way and save her from hell fire. Ameen
#2 Abdul Khalil 2012-09-05 21:16
Our Muslim women are more precious than diamonds,
So the Hijab protects them! ?
#1 Mumtahina 2012-09-05 21:12
it is not moslem it is Muslim!

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