President: Thinking or Drinking?

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Do You Want This for USA?
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Obama Boozes & Cruises for Votes in His Beer Bus

Washington, D.C. -- August 16, 2012 Thursday - President Obama Has 1 (or more?) for The Road!

Speaking of drinking while campaigning - Looks like the President enjoys a cold one (or more?) while he cruises the country, looking for votes.

According to the folks in Iowa, Obama's campaign bus carries more than just a full tank of fuel - there's also his refrigerator full of beer - White House brewed at that.

That's right, the Commander-In-Chief , Barak Obama makes sure he has ample supply of 'White House Ale' onboard his private campaign bus.

The Des Moines Register says President Obama's campaign bus is well stocked with 'home brew' (or is it White House Brew?).

The report states the President of the world's most powerful country offered some of his private beer to a man in a coffee shop in Iowa, two days ago (Tuesday).


He offers bottles of booze to potential voters along the trail, according to reports, and is quite proud of the fact it is being cooked up by White House Chefs.

He even offered a local man a cold bottle of the home-brew, according to Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Anyone remember some months back when the president stepped in to settle down a disgruntled professor in New Jersey? Remember? He bought him a cold one - and that settled the problem.

President Barack Obama, the black professor and policeman, sat back together with mugs of beer in the Rose Garden, while the nation is in an uproar over racial discrimination.

Obama said, "I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart." Just how strong was the beer? Your guess is as good as anyone's.

This story inevitably led to a number of questions for White House Spokesman Jay Carney regarding the specifics of the beer.

The Register reports that Carney revealed that the White House brews both "light" and "dark" variations of the beer.

The White House chefs have been experimenting with home-brewing for some time, and according to news reports have crafted a White House Honey Ale, which contains honey from the First Lady’s beehive, as well as White House Honey Blonde and Honey Porter. No word Tuesday on the style of beer most preferred by the Commander-in-Chief of the world's number one power broker.

Obama has served White House-brewed beer at Super Bowl parties and St. Patrick's Day events, and has even shared one with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

Need a cold beer? Guess you better try to catch up to Campaign Bus One and down a cold one with the Number One.



#2 A.B. 2012-09-05 00:54
I agree, this is not what I want to see here in America. My ancestors did not come here and give their lives for some clown to get a buzz while running our nation.
We built this country from the bottom up and now looks like this guy is all bout "Bottoms Up"
Our man and women in military are ducking scuds while Obama is sucking suds.
#1 Ben Adamson 2012-09-05 00:43
this doesnot sound good to me and i thnk we should not vote for a man who is going around representing our country while drinking and getting others to drink too.
Big mistake to have this guy again. Tell him to get sober or get out. We need a strong mind to think, not a strong kind of drink.

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