ISLAM Websites Down?!

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100's of Our Sites Down At Once!
Was it Hackers?
Cyber Attacks?
Anti-Islam Haters?
Who Did This?

World Wide Web -- It was on Thursday, July 26, 2012 - Hundreds of Islamic Websites Went Down - All At Same Time

Who is behind all of this? - Was it "Islam Haters"? Christians? Jews? Atheists?

Who would do this in the month of Ramadan? Could it be shayton (the devil)

Look at some of these sites and think about it - But who did this?

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Who? (We know 'WHO' - keep reading)

Just Look at a few of our many websites
- all disappeared from the Internet -

..and so many, many more (over 2,200 more)

What's Next? Our biggest websites?

www.GuideUS.TV ??


Will these go down too?  Why did this happen?


How did it happen?

Who was responsible?

But most important - WHAT CAN WE DO?

Well, put down all your suspicions and forget the conspiracy theories.

It was not Islamic Haters! It was not Christians out to get us! It is not Jews who hate Muslims!

It was not cyber attacks that put us off the air that day!

It was us!

We Muslims did this to ourselves - because we FORGOT TO SUPPORT

That's Right - It is our own fault - for not getting enough support - not enough money!

Because we did not meet deadlines for payment on our "Chip In or PayPal" for last month - Our bandwidth could not be paid and as a result - Our websites went off the air - In Ramadan.

We Muslims Are The Ones Who Did Not Support the Dawah in Ramadan.

Al Hamdulillah, we were able to get some brothers and sisters together for a "Quick Fix" for some money.

But what now?

Now it is time for us to be sure this never happens again.

Let's all make a serious commitment to Islam on the Internet.

If we are going to continue and be able to meet the demand for more and more people (especially the non-Muslims) to visit our many websites and read, hear, watch and enjoy thousands of articles, videos, audios and live broadcasts - chatrooms, news updates, world wide coverage -

Then it is time for us to get involved RIGHT NOW.



The name of the website?

(it also went down due to lack of funds but is back up right now):

Do it now - Do it monthly - Do it for Islam

Do It in Ramadan

DO IT...

N  O  W

PayPal? - Yes! [click]

Zakat? YES!

All of our projects are approved to receive Zakat according to scholars around the world.


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paypal link is not working, inshallah this will be fixed soon

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