Daddy, Tell Me About God . . 'Allah'

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God Allah?
daddy tell me

Answers For Kids
& big people too

God Allah?
Who is God Allah?
Where is God Allah?
CanĀ God Allah Do Anything?
Why Don't We See God Allah?

What Do We Believe About God Allah?

Important Questions & Answers - Children need to know about God (Allah)

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Yusuf Estes Answers the important questions in simple and easy English - Enjoy

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"Why Do Muslims Say ALLAH?" (audio)

More About: GOD ALLAH
daddy tell me

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#4 Sheikh Yusuf 2014-10-09 14:35
But wait 'til you download the FREE APP - Oh yeah!
App store type in 'searchforislam ' (one word)
#3 Editor for Islam Newsroom 2013-07-14 20:28
Bismillah salam alaykum,
we made it easy for you to leave messages - just click the link - and type in your name, email and then leave some nice words to share with others.
#2 Fatima 2012-07-26 03:23
Dear MR Neason Asalamu alaikum (Peace be with you) i wrote you a long message before this but it accidently got deleted, so i will keep this one brief. Allah guids who he wills, he knows whats in the hearts and minds of peaple. If you want to worship the one and only true creator without associating any partners with him, he will guide you to Islam inshaallah. He knows all your thought and fealings, you cant hide anything from him so be sincere and turn to him and asking him to guide you and your family to the straight path and inshaallah that path will be Islam because Islam is the true path to the one and only true creator of the heavens and the earth and all that exists.In every heart wether rich or poor there is a void and you dont feal peace in your heart completly, that will never be filled unless and untill you turn to Allah and Islam and i pray in this blessed month of Ramadan that you do inshaallah.If you realy want to know about Islam ignore all the bad that you hear about it and dont look and judge the muslims, look only at the teachings of Islam. Inshaallah i pray you do become Muslim and if you do, all the Muslims around the world will be your Muslim family, so you wont be on your own you will be welcomed with open arms inshaallah, and if your not married you defenatly wont have a problem finding a Muslim wife as im sure there\'s a lot of sisters out there like me who would be honered to be your wife in Islam. So if you feal in your heart Islam is the truth and you believe in Allah then dont be scared and dont delay, just put your faith and trust in Allah and he will guide you all the way inshaallah.Take care Assalamu alaiykum your sister in Islam inshaallah.
#1 ajmal 2012-07-26 02:24

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