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Syria Still Under Siege - Why?
Nude Body Scans Cause Cancer?
Was Jesus Born (really?)
Laws Against 'God's Laws'?
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1. Skin Cancer From Nude Body Scan?
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... airport security process, you do have the right to request a private room for a pat-down examination by an officer of the same sex. This is your right and the officers should co-operate with your needs. ...
2. Was Jesus Born (really)?
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... was expected. However, upon close examination, the tables of descent in these gospels become transparently artificial, with many errors and downright contradictions. For example, the two gospels cannot ...
3. A Law- Against God's LAW?
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... and the ubiquitous British tabloids came calls for the leader of the world’s second largest Christian denomination to issue a retraction or even resign. Needless to say, the outrage was not occasioned ...
4. Syria Still Under Siege
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... remained cut and electricity had come on for just four hours overnight. Streets were empty in the city of 700,000, traditionally a center of majority Sunni Muslim opposition to the domination of Assad's ...
5. 9 Times to Drink Water?
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... be avoiding pollution from farm runoff, industrial landfills, and other toxic sources of contamination. If you don’t buy bottled water, you can get a filter for your kitchen faucet that will remove up ...
6. Bye Bye Bahai? (update)
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... Men and Women, Elimination of Prejudice of all Kinds, Universal Compulsory Education, Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems, A Universal Auxiliary Language,Treading the Mystical Path with Practical ...
... organization dedicated to raising the level of knowledge in the United States about the struggle of the Kashmiri people for self-determination." The affidavit alleges that, although the KAC held itself ...
8. Muslim Family Split by Court
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... Wayne County Judge Edward Thomas ordered the cause of death changed to accidental after a post-mortem examination determined the 2-year-old had brittle bone disease. “They would do everything in their ...
9. Bottle Water Rip-Off
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... in Las Vegas. The mix of contaminants and contamination levels were the same as in the local municipal water, indicating that little had been done to further purify the water after it was taken from ...

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