Skin Cancer From Nude Body Scan?

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Nude Body Scan: EXPOSED

NOTE: If you are concerned about being photographed nude or your private parts exposed, or if you worry about possible skin cancer from being exposed to X-Rays while going through airport security process, you do have the right to request a private room for a pat-down examination by an officer of the same sex.
This is your right and the officers should co-operate with your needs.

As always, be courteous and kind with these officers, remember they are only doing their job.

Documents on File Offer Proof of Potential Skin Cancer Caused by TSA Nude Body Scanners
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nude body scam1

nude body scam1

nude body scam1

nude body scam1

The above documents may be viewed in full size by clicking on each one. You may download, copy and distribute as you like.



#2 syeda 2011-10-04 00:37
jazakallah very useful information
#1 Muslim girl 2011-09-26 06:31
This is shocking news. I have had that airport security scan done on me many times. I'm nervous if that might have caused cancer cells to grow on me...
I always felt like a fish out of water when that was being done.
May Allah protect me! Next time, I'm gonna use this document as proof to refuse the scan politely, It's our right to protect the body gifted to us by God.

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