Allah 'Rocks' on Beer?

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Rocks On Beer?
rock it crash3
A Real Party Crasher!

ISLAM NEWSROOM - DATELINE: January 16, 2015 Friday (from our archives)

Allah Sends Down Rocks On
400 Cases of Beer (Booze)

4 Cars Feel The Same Wrath

rock it crash4

We've all hear about 'Beer on the rocks' (beer with ice), but this is amazing!

Look how Allah 'Crashed' their part and let us all see His Power.

Some will say it was just a "Freak Accident" - but a believer knows right away what this is all about -

Allah Busts Up the Beer Party - For Real
rock it crash1

And this is only a warning to those who think they can play around with His Commandments. Allah tells us clearly throughout the Quran, He forbids us to consume alcohol.rock it crash5

This is not a joke! This is not a play thing! And Allah is not going to let the criminals get away with all this on the Day of Judgment, is HE?

Of course not. So, look closely at these pictures and imagine what Allah can, and will, do to those who disobey Him continually and do not repent and do not stop what they are doing against His Orders.rock it crash2

And remember to share these pics with someone you love and want to go to Jennah with you, inshallah.

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