1,000s of Earthquakes - in MINUTES?

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Volcanos Cause 1,000s Earthquakes
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In Only Minutes?

Portland, Oregon - Scientists Warn: 1,000s of Earthquakes in Only Minutes - Volcanos Related to Earthquakes - Predictions Calculated

"Tsunamis are not the only thing related to earthquakes" says marine geologist Bob Dziak, as he explains what we now learn about causes of thousands of earthquakes that take place in only a matter of a few minutes.

Oregon scientists have correctly predicted the 2011 eruption of the Axial Seamount underwater volcano years before it occurred, by the Will of Allah.

volcano lava flowNow they claim another underwater volcano off the Oregon coast gave off signals just hours before it erupted.

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Using underwater hydrophones scientists have noticed sudden increases in seismic energy about 2 1/2 hours prior to the eruption of a volcano, started about 400 kilometers off the Oregon coast, according to the scientific team.

This new development signals that it might eventually be possible to forecast eruptions of undersea volcanoes and the thousands of earthquakes now predicted to come along as a result of these huge occurances.

The scientists have noticed a type of cyclic pattern of ground deformation measurements – this measures the changes in ground shape which can occur before, during and after an eruption – that suggests the Axial Seamount could also erupt again, perhaps as soon as 2018.

For four years before the 2011 eruption, marine geologist Bob Dziak and other team members noted that, while there was a gradual build up in the number of small earthquakes, there was a small increase in the overall seismic energy produced from those earthquakes.  But, just a few hours before Axial erupted on April 6, 2011 - all that began to change.

volcano diagram1“The hydrophones picked up the signal of literally thousands of small earthquakes within a few minutes, which we traced to magma rising from within the volcano and breaking through the crust,” Dziak said. “As the magma ascends, it forces its way through cracks and creates a burst of earthquake activity that intensifies as it gets closer to the surface.

Using seismic analysis, the team was able see just how the magma rose within the volcano about two hours before the eruption.

“Whether the seismic energy signal preceding the eruption is unique to Axial or may be replicated at other volcanoes isn’t yet clear,” said Dziak, “but it gives scientists an excellent base from which to begin.”

volcano robotic submersibleTo make their discoveries, the Oregon team used other unique tools at their disposal, including a one-of-a-kind robotic submersible they used to bounce sound waves off the seafloor.

This allowed the scientists to be able to map the topography (landscape details) of the Axial Seamount both before and after the eruption.

Using the before-and-after map the geologists were able to clearly distinguish the lava flows from the 2011 eruption from the flows of previous eruptions in the area.

Within the next few years, these scientists and researchers wil, inshallah, install a number of new underwater instruments and cables around Axial Seamount.

They say this will help scientists monitor the ocean and seafloor off the Pacific Northwest area of America, inshallah.

What is next? Can these be the "signs" of the Last Days so many people have been looking for throughout the ages?

Are we living in those "Last Days" even now? Or is it just a natural occurance, by coincidence agrees with predictions made by the Quran and Muhammad, peace be upon him, over 1,400 years ago?

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#6 jamal 2012-07-15 17:50
brother in humanity Benson A the prophet muhammad peace be upon him said The Hour (Last Day) will not be established until, earthquakes will be very frequent. (Bukhari) this is huge man search in islam and you will find a lot about the last day and all is happening now islam is the true religion of god find for yourself, peace
#5 ahmed 2012-07-05 12:31
I don't know much about Seismic activities but we have been affected by them a few times too. As the final day approaches this will happen more and more. _By the way, Benson A. read the Quran's translation. It is not as good as the Quran but it is a path for people like us who don't know the Arabic language. Even if we do not know the language hearing and trying to read the Quran will touch our hearts. The Quran has a way of waking up people by the will of Allah. _Allah is Al Akbar (the highest, biggest and greatest) and Al Haadhi (shower of the right path)_As for Islamnewsroom.c om Keeeeeep up the good work. Allah is Al Muiz (The one who honors)
#4 abdullah 2012-06-20 22:20
Thanks sheekh yousef and all the staff who work with u.
To Benson A: ask god from your heart to guide you to the right path . You will find it more easy on you sir . I saw too many muslim did the same thing before they convirt to islam .
#3 Benson A. 2012-06-19 10:52
OK I am going to take your advice and see about this video.
I am not against Islam. I come here on this page a lot to see what you guys think about stuff and things.
And so far, this is not like what news people say. Also on internet people not saying the same things like you guys so I don't really know but I am ready to learn and find out more.
#2 Abdullah Mohamed 2012-06-19 10:50
Dear Benson A. you need to know more about real Islam. You might find more than you think. Also Sheikh Yusuf Estes has a real cool video to explain everything about islam www.WhatsIslam.com
(I know because I used it before to help someone do their shahadah).
Let us know - just write something back here again after you watch ok?
#1 Benson A. 2012-06-19 10:46
I saw this before and it is amazing. what is going on in the wolrd man?
I am just going crazy and someone tlell me what is happening here?
I always thought about something liek this but I neever told anyone.
OMG - I think this is proof somehow.

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