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Muslim Marriage 3

Islam Newsroom UPDATE - Monday March 9, 2015

"But I LOVE Him"

"Can I date a Muslim man?"

A question from non-Muslim says, '' But I love Him".

I want to know about Islam and Muslims. Born in U.S.A, lived in Saudi for 6 years. And still not sure of beliefs of Muslims.

But I love this Muslim guy.

How is he supposed to act around women? I really love this Muslim man. I hope you reply back to me.


Muslim Marriage 2

Bismillah Rahman Raheem. In the Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious. Peace all who follow true guidance.

Dear “LOVE HIM”,

Thank you for your message. We do appreciate your question of what Muslim men should and should not do with women.

Quick Answer” is: “Yes. A non-Muslim Christian or Jewish lady can marry a Muslim.”

However, this is a very important topic and one not taken lightly. We try our best to provide detailed answers with references to help you better understand what your life will be like, married to a Muslim.

I just spoke to an Imam (religious leader) in New Jersey on the phone. We talked about this same subject (actually Muslims always talk about this subject).

He said: “In Ramadan we avoid eating, drinking and intimate relations in the daytime and we enjoy these things at night. This is the way we Muslims avoid certain things in this life so we can really enjoy better things in the Next Life.

Please take your time and learn more about the lifestyle of Muslims before committing yourself to something as serious as this.

Open your heart and mind to the One true God and ask Him to help and guide you to accept or reject the life, here (and Hereafter) with this Muslim man.

Answer: “How a Muslim man is supposed to act with women?


It’s better to know the truth about Islam and Muslims and not be embarrassed or misunderstood, rather than go blindly into something you might regret later.

Islam is strict, compared to very loose morals of western society.

Compare Americas standards (or lack of them) to our traditions today. Many in the west, consider Islam is too tame.

Being born into a Muslim family is not enough to be a believer. Muslims must know our religion or we can’t really be true Muslims.

Most of us attend schools, classes and participate in depth studies to learn the science and testable evidence, real facts about the earth, universe, our Creator and how to practice our faith and beliefs.

We Muslims put God (Allah) first in all matters. There is no room for joking about our Allah, or His Book or our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (we say this for all the prophets).

The correct understanding of the religion of Islam can only be based on the teachings of the Quran, with details from prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, from the original sources.

We only have two sources of Islam called, Quran (recitation of Allah's Speech to mankind) and Sunnah (teachings of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, explaining meanings of the Quran).

Scholars help with individual details (from two sources: a 'fatwah').

We recommend you to read and help you better understand our answer - BEFORE reading our answer for you:

ISLAM is surrender, submit, obey, sincerely, and in peace.

ALLAH - Who Is Allah?

QURAN - What is it all about?

MUHAMMAD, peace be upon him - Who was he?

HADITH - Importance of Hadith

Here are the main Commandments (arkam ul Islam) and the taboos (called 'HARAM' in Arabic) for Muslims:

1) No worship to any god, except the one God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad, peace on them all. (Bible: Exodus, chapter 20, same in Quran)

2) No idols, statues, false gods, etc. (Bible & Quran)

3) No making fun of God's names, attributes, or anything in the religion of Jews, Christians or Muslims (Bible & Quran)

4) Must keep God's Day Holy and pray five times per day. Quran

5) Must fast the month of Ramadhan. No eating, drinking, or marital relations in daylight hours. Quran

· Must give charity according to one's wealth to the poor: 2.5% not of income - only from wealth of 1 year.

· Must always honor parents and elders, caring for them and treating them with kindness (Bible & Quran)

· Must honor wife, keep her as a Queen in her palace, give gifts and cherish her in best way. Chapter 4 [called, Women]

· Must perform pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah once in lifetime.

· Must care for needs of others, especially poor and elders, according to one's ability, preferring their needs over self.

· Must work hard and take care of all expenses for family. Wife does not have to work outside - and her wealth is kept by her.

· Must raise children as Muslims for One True God, without any partners, being good, honest, citizens (Quran 31 & hadith)

· No alcohol (Quran, hadith, rulings)

· No smoking (not healthy, Islamic Rulings)

· No drugs (accept for prescriptions) (see: hadith, rulings)

· No sex outside of marriage, not before or after, with anyone expect the spouse. (Bible, Quran, hadith, rulings)

· No dating (meeting women socially is not acceptable  (interviews for marriage are the only exception)

· No physical contact with the opposite sex (even shaking hands between members of the opposite sex, distasteful to good Muslims.

· No musical instruments! (hadith ruling)

· No hanging out at pool parlors, pubs, etc. (hadith, rulings)

· No lying! Quran & hadith

· No insulting anyone! Quran 49

· No backbiting! (gheebah) Quran 49

· No envy (hasad) of others or what they have (Bible as above) Quran, surah 49, and chapter 113).

Now after reading all of the above Do's and Don'ts in Islam, I am quite sure that most civilized people in the West would not like to consider giving Islam another thought.
Think about, after all what fun is there in this life if you have to do God's Will on earth? Most would say, "Hey, I just want to party and have fun. Leave me alone, I'm happy and it doesn't matter.” — Not the attitude of a true Muslim. We are focused on the Life of the Next World, and how this life will add to our happiness in it.

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#7 Michele 2015-01-01 10:02
Don't assume cus he's from Iraqi that he is Muslim. There are Christians from Iraq as well ...
#6 Teri 2012-11-27 16:08
I have met a man from Iraq recently. I assume he is Muslim. I see him daily and he tells me i am Beautiful everyday. I will not lie that there is an attraction but i am Christian. For someone I love I would conquer any obsticle. I cannot tell how he feels yet. I see him watching for me daily and really want to know him better. I have read that a Muslim man will not date unless he is considering marriage. He has told me he has no friends or family here. I hate for anyone to be lonely and I want to be his friend. Is it wrong for me to ask him to a movie or other events as a friend? What if I think I might want more from him?_Thanks, Teri
__ EDITOR TO TERI __ Please read this to know more about dating (or not dating) in Islam on this link
#5 idris 2012-02-19 09:37
great reply to her question,, ,allah tabarak vata'la have cherished hazrat yusufestes with great knowledge i wish i too blessed as such so that from the Grace of Allah could spread islam over my non-muslim friends and some of the distracted acquaintance...
#4 L 2011-08-07 15:54
I don't see her being "National Guard", and being in the same location (Saudi Arabia) for 6 years, as she says she lived there for that amount of time. Perhaps she is very young and her father worked there. In any case, maybe it's better that she ask than just do what she wants with no respect.

#3 Kamil Nadeem 2011-06-09 09:07
AsSalamuAlykum, Excellent Reply to "Lady-IN-LOVE"
#2 aya 2011-05-07 22:56
Funny, isn't is? Actually, I think that she maybe working with National Gaurd, or some large institution in Saudi, because they do offer compounds and such for Westerners (so they can dress as they wish away from public minus alcohol). However, I also know of many ladies doing dauwaa.... Also, I know a lady who married a Saudi guy and is a new revert to Islam... so, lady in love should perhaps think about marriage....and Islam as well. After all, why would many Jews, zionists or otherwise, Hindus, athiests, christians, and otherwise turn to Islam if they don't like it? :-)
#1 nina 2011-01-06 02:52
something is fishy about this mail! lady says she is American and has lived for 6(six) years in saudi.....and calls them Islamics!! there is no such word, so she is either lying or at best totally oblivious to the world around her for 6yrs!! Blessings!

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