Imam Siraj Wahaj on TV

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Imam Siraj Wahaj
siraj conference
Tells Everything on TV

Siraj Wahaj has long been an icon for American Muslims all around America. He and his community were responsible years ago for cleaning up a very bad neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Although accused by media and enemies of Islam in bad ways, his excellent character and dedicated works shine above any fabrications and insinuations these people can come up with.

Watch, listen and think as you see for yourself in this TV interview just how balanced and focused the imam really is.

Siraj Wahaj
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Imam Siraj Wahaj

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#2 Jihad 2012-06-08 11:04
Salam Alaikum,_We muslims know tht hw sincere he is. We love him,support him,stand with him.may Allah guide all of us.However Allah test everyone ,His intensity of testing increases depending on the person's knowledge and thaqwa.It may be that Allah want to reward Him more by putting him to more ordeal. I remember When Ahmad deedat(may Allah have mercy on him)was bed ridden there wer so many negative comments from enemies, Where as muslims clearly knows the situation, that Allah tests him intensely,to reward Him for his rigorous effort on spreading Islam's message.
#1 Why did some people RATE this article low rating? Imam is great! 2012-06-05 02:54
I love imam Siraj Wahaj and he is our hero for americans. Why do some say things against him when he is the very most important of Muslims today.
Tel everyone to be awake of this lies on him.

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