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Death Will Overtake You
Even in a Strong Fortress
Quran 4: 78


"Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in fortresses built up strong and high!" Quran 4:78

All of us, regardless of race, color, religion or nationality, want to know the answer to this question: "What will happen to me when I die?"

The Holy Quran is the actual speech of God Almighty to the Last of the Prophets (Muhammad, peace be upon him). As such it provides us with the real insight of life and death from the very One who did create all of us in the first place.

The following commentary concerns a verse in the fourth chapter of the Quran, entitled "The Women", verse number 78.

We begin with hadeeth (preserved sayings from the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him)

It is reported from A Bara bin Azib who said: "We went out with the Prophet in order to participate in the funeral rites of a man from the Ansar. We arrived at the grave, but the inner chamber had not been prepared yet; so Allah's Messenger sat down facing the direction of the Qiblah, and we sat around him so attentively it was if the birds were sitting on our heads.
He had a stick in his hand with which he sketched upon the ground. Then he began looking alternately to the heavens and to the earth, razing his gaze and then lowering it. Finally, he said two or three times: 'Seek refuge in Allah from the torment of the grave.'
Then he said: 'O Allah, verily I seek refuge in You from the torment of the grave.'
He repeated it three times, then he elaborated: 'Verily, when the believing servant is leaving this world and entering the next, angels from the heavens descend to him-their faces white with brightness like the sun and carrying with them burial sheets and scents from Paradise. They sit before him at a distance as far as the eye can see.
Then the Angel of Death comes to the person, sits at his head and say's: 'O good soul, come out to your Lord's forgiveness and pleasure.'
Thereupon, the soul flows out of the body like water flowing from the mouth of a waterskin, and all of the angels between the sky and the earth supplicate for Allah's blessing upon him.
The doors of the heaven are opened for him, and the keepers of these doors all plead with Allah that this soul might pass in front of them as it is being carried upward.
The Angel of Death barely receives the soul in his hands, whereupon the other angels take it from him and wrap it with fragrant winding sheets.
This is what is meant by Allah's saying: "Our messengers seize his soul, and they do not fall short of their duty."
Then the Prophet said: 'There exudes from the soul a scent like the most beautiful fragrance of musk that one could find on the face of the earth.
The angels ascend with the soul, never passing a host of angels without hearing them ask: 'Who is this wonderful soul?' They reply, 'So and so, the son of so and so,' addressing him with the best names he was known by during his earthly life.
Upon reaching the first heaven, the angels request that it be opened for the soul - which is granted. The soul is then accompanied by the angels of each heaven until it reaches the one above it and finally arrives at the seventh heaven.
Then Allah, the Mighty and Majestic says: 'Place the record of My servant in Illyyun." The person's record is then placed in Illiyyun, whereupon a command is heard: 'Return him to the earth, for verily I have promised mankind that having created them from the earth I will return them to it. And I will make them come out of it, yet another time.
Then the soul is returned to the earth, back into its body. Verily the deceased hears the shuffling feet of his companions who attended his burial as they turn away and leave his grave.
Thereupon, two angels, severe in interrogation, come to him, and sitting him up, they begin to ask him questions. They say, 'Who is your Lord?' He replies, 'Allah is my Lord.' They continue, 'What is your religion?' He answers, 'Islam is my religion.' They proceed with the questioning, saying, 'Who is this man that has been sent to you?' He responds, 'He is the Messenger of Allah.'
Finally, they ask him about his deeds, to which he replies, 'I read Allah's Book and believed in it.' A voice is then heard in the heavens, saying, 'My servant has told the truth, so clothe him in the clothing of Paradise, spread for him the furnishings of Paradise, and open for him a window with a view of Paradise.'
Thereupon, he is engulfed by a breeze of fresh air and fragrance, while the expanse of his grave is extended before him as far as the eye can see.
There appears before him a man with a wonderful face and beautiful clothing, emitting a splendid fragrance. He says to the soul, 'Rejoice at the news which will gladden you. Rejoice at Allah's pleasure and His Paradise, whose joys and delights never end. This is the day which you were promised.'
The deceased says to him, 'And who are you, for your face bears good tidings?' The figure answers, 'I am your good ; by Allah, I've always known you to be quick in obedience to Allah and slow to His disobedience. So may Allah award you with a good reward.'
Then a door to Paradise is opened, and a door to Hell, whereupon it is said to him regarding the Hellfire, 'This would have been your final abode had you disobeyed Allah, however, it has been exchanged for this other abode.'
When the soul sees what is in Paradise, he cries, 'My Lord, hasten the arrival of the Hour so that I might be joined with my family and wealth.' Thereupon it is said to him, 'Rest in tranquility.
' Allah's Messenger continued, 'When the disbelieving , sinful servant is about to leave this world and enter the next, angels, powerful and severe, descend to him from the heavens - their faces black and carrying with them coarse strips of cloth from Hell.
They sit before him at a distance as far as the eye can see. Then the Angel of Death arrives, and sitting at the head of the disbeliever, he says, 'O you foul soul, come out to the anger and wrath of your Lord.'
The soul inside the disbelievers body is overcome by terrible fear, where upon the Angel of Death violently pulls it out like multi-pronged skewers being yanked out of wet wool - tearing with them the arteries and nerves.
Upon this, the soul is cursed by every angel between the heavens and the earth and by those inside the heavens. Then the doors of the heavens are closed to him, and every single guard at these doors begs Allah that this soul not be carried up in front of him.
The Angel of Death barely receives the soul in his hands, whereupon the other angels grasp it from him and wrap it up in coarse cloth.
There emits from it the foulest odor that could be found on the face of the earth. They ascend with it, never passing a host of angels without being asked, 'Who is this ugly soul?'
They reply, 'So and so, the son of so and so,' using the worst names by which he was known in this world. When they arrive at the lowest heaven, they request that it be opened for this soul, but the request is denied.'
And the Prophet recited the verse: 'The gates of the heavens will not be opened for them, nor will they enter the Garden of Paradise until a camel goes through the eye of a needle.'
After that he continued, 'Then Allah the Mighty and Majestic, says to the angels: 'Place his record in Sijjeen-in the lowest heaven.Return my servant to the earth, for verily I have promised mankind that having created them from the earth, I will return them to it. And will make them come out of it, yet another time.' Upon this command, the deceased soul is thrown down from the sky until it lands in its body.'
The Prophet then recited the verse: 'And whoever ascribes partners with Allah, it is as though he had fallen from the sky, such that the birds snatch him up or the wind throws him to a remote place.' Then he commented, 'Verily the deceased hears the sound of his companions footsteps as they turn away from his grave.'
The Prophet resumed his explanation, 'Then the two angels, severe in interrogation, come to him, and sitting him up, they begin to question him, 'Who is your Lord?' He answers, 'Aah! Aah! I don't know.'
They continue by asking him, 'What is your religion?' He answers, 'Aah! Aah! I don't know.'
So they ask, 'Then what do you say about this man who was sent to you?' The disbeliever does not appear to understand who they are referring to, so it is said, 'Muhammed.'
Again he states, 'Aah! Aah! I don't know. I only heard the people talking about him.'
Then it is said, 'You did not know, and you did not read!' Thereupon a voice from the heavens is heard, 'He has lied!
So spread out for him a place from the Fire and open for him a window to the Fire.' The searing hot winds of Hell engulf him while his grave closes in upon him, crushing him until his rib cage is broken by the force - causing the ribs of one side to intertwine with the ribs of the other.
Then there appears to him a person with an ugly face and ugly clothing and exuding a foul odour, who says, 'Tidings of evil to you, for this is the day which you were promised!'
The deceased says to him, 'And you, too; may Allah give you evil tidings! Who are you, for yours is a face which portends evil.'
The person rejoins, 'I represent your wicked deeds. By Allah, I have always known you to be slow in obedience to Allah and quick in disobedience to Him. May Allah reward you with evil!'
Then one who is deaf, dumb and blind and is carrying an iron rod is sent to the deceased. If he were to strike a mountain with it, the mountain would disintegrate into rubble.
He strikes the deceased with a blow which turns him into dust. Allah returns the deceased to his original form, whereupon he is struck a second time. This causes him to shriek with such violence that it is heard by all the creation except mankind and jinn.
Then a door to the Fire is opened, and beddings of the Fire are spread for him, whereupon he cries, 'Lord, do not establish the Hour!' (i.e. Day of Resurrection Day of Gathering, Day of Judgment, Day of Decision, Day of Sorting Out, Day of Grief and Regrets). Trumpet will be blown, a single shout, a single cry, a near torment, pregnant she camels shall be neglected, suckling mothers will forget their babes, every pregnant will drop her load, the heaven will shake with a dreadful shaking.
Heaven will be split asunder and shall be rent asunder with clouds Heaven will be rolled up in His Right Hand, and all those in heaven and earth will swoon away. Heaven shall be opened, it will become as gates. The sky will be like boiling filthy oil.
The stars shall fall and some stars will lose their light.
The Sun will lose its light.
Seas will become as blazing fire, and some seas will burst forth.
The earthquake of the Hour - mountains will be shaken violently, the earth will be ground to powder, and earth will be changed into another earth and so will the heavens.
The earth will be stretched forth as a leveled plain. The earth will throw out its burdens, graves will be turned upside down, and there will be a complete resurrection from the graves.
Wild beasts shall be gathered together, raised up blind, and the souls will be joined together with their bodies.
This is the True Day, and mankind will be like moths scattered about. All of mankind will proceed in scattered groups, as in a drunken state.
Relatives shall be made to see one another - a man shall flee from his relatives - and no friend will ask after a friend. There will be no friend or intercessor.
Everyone will be paid their wages in full - written pages of deeds shall be laid open, and every person will know what he she has brought. Every person will be confronted with all the good and evil he has done. A person will know what he has sent foreword and left behind.
There will be no fear of injustice - the balances of justice and the scales of deeds - whosoever does good or evil equal to the weight of an atom shall see it. All the secrets will be examined. Some records will be given in the right hand, and some records will be given in the left hand.
Some records will be given behind the back. A hard day for the disbelievers - a heavy day. They bear a heavy burden, and are not permitted to put forth any excuse. The wrong-doer will bite his hands. All wrong-doers will be assembled with their companions and idols. It will be a destruction with deep regrets, sorrows and despair.
The female infants who were buried alive shall be questioned. The greatest terror - the caller will call to a terrible thing. (On the Day of Resurrection the life of this world will seem like) a stay no longer than ten days - a day or part of a day.
No person shall have the power to do anything for another - they will have no power nor any helper. There will be no fear for believers, and all believers will be in the shade, and amongst springs and fruits. Angels will be sent down with a grand descending.
The Shin shall be laid bear and Paradise shall be brought near. Hellfire shall be brought near and Hellfire shall be stripped off, kindled to a fierce ablaze. The unbelievers will wish to return and become believers. Hell fire, blazing fire, flaming fire, crushing Fire, burning flame, raging and roaring - the terrible drawing in of its breath. The shadow of black smoke, a narrow place, a place of ambush.
This is the worst place to rest - worst indeed is that destination - the torment will not be lightened. An evil final return. The fire of Allah, kindled and filled with men and jinns all together, will say: 'Are there any more?'.
For those who took their religion for amusement and play, the promised place for them all. It spares not nor does it leave. Disbelievers will be driven to it in groups - criminals and transgressors known by their marks, they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet, seized and dragged into the midst of the blazing fire, bound together in fetters, chained together, wherein they will abide forever.
Death will come from all angles, yet they will not die. Therein they will neither die nor live. Every time they seek to get away, they will be driven back. They will find neither protector nor helper. They will be made to drink boiling festering water and boiling hot water - given from a boiling spring. It will melt away what is in their bellies.
Boiling oil will boil what is in their bellies. Nothing cool shall they taste therein Water and provision will be forbidden to the disbelievers - only the food of poisonous thorny plant - from the tree of zaqqum.
Food for the sinners. Nor shall they have any drink, except a taste of boiling fluid and puss, filth from the washing of wounds, in fierce hot wind and boiling water.
Boiling water poured down over their heads, burning their skins. Their skins will be burnt off then replaced with fresh skins.
Their faces will be turned and rolled from all sides in the Fire. They will wear garments of pitch, and fire will cover their faces. Garments of fire will be cut for them, and on them will be hooked rods of iron.
Their abode will be the Fire - the torment of the Fire that they used to deny. This is that whereof they used to doubt. Destruction with deep regrets and sorrow.
(They will say:) 'Had we but listened or used our common sense!' They will dispute with their leaders in the Fire.
Nineteen angels will be its guardians and keepers.
And in Paradise... Gardens underneath which rivers flow. Everlasting gardens. Gardens of Eternity. Gardens of delight. Gardens with everlasting delights. Gardens and grapevines, fruits of two gardens, fruits of all kinds as desired in plenty. Fruits will be near at hand, fruit and meat, flesh of fowls, thornless lote trees and banana trees, a running spring - a spring called Salsabil, a spring called Kafur, a spring call Tasnim.
A river in Paradise named Kauthar. Rivers of wine, milk and clear honey A cup mixed with Zanjabil water, trays of gold cups, vessels of silver and cups of crystal, green garments of fine and thick silk, adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls.
Coaches lined with silk brocade, green cushions and rich beautiful mattresses set in rows. Thrones woven with gold and precious stones raised high. Rich carpets spread out, beautiful mansions, lofty rooms, one above another, abiding therein forever.
An eternal home, facing one another on thrones. They will never taste death therein, nor will they be asked to leave it. All hatred, jealousy or sense of injury will be removed from their hearts. All grief will be removed and no sense of fatigue, toil or weariness will touch them. Neither will there be any hurt, abdominal pain, headache or intoxication.
There will be no vain speaking nor sinful speech, neither harmful speech nor falsehood.
They will be free from sin. There will be neither excessive heat nor bitter cold.
There will be a known provision, in peace and security. The home of peace, with greetings therein, and whoever does righteous deeds will enter.
Those who kept their duty to their Lord will be led in groups, and be made to inherit because of their deeds. Allah is pleased with them and they with Him.
My Paradise, the greatest bliss, the great success and the supreme success. For the believers are Gardens as an entertainment.
The dwellers of Paradise will be busy in joyful things that Day. They will be amidst gardens and water springs, and will see the angels surrounding the Throne, near the Omnipotent King. They will have all that they desire.
There will be houries - chaste females with wide and beautiful eyes, as if preserved eggs. Pure wives - wives in a pleasant shade - reclining on thrones. Young fully developed maidens of equal age, immortal young boy-servants to serve them, as scattered pearls.

The Death of Death

Abu Hurayra reported that Allah's Messenger, peace be upon him, said:
"After the people of Paradise enter Paradise and the People of the Fire enter Hell, Death will be brought foreword in the form of a spotted ram. It will be on the wall which separates the people of Paradise from the people of the Fire.

Then it will be said: 'O people of Paradise!' Thereupon they will raise their heads and stare apprehensively.

Then it will be said: 'O people of the Fire!' Whereupon its inhabitants will raise their heads in hope of intercession. After this the people of Paradise and the inhabitants of the Fire will be addressed thus: 'Do you know what this is?'

They will all reply: 'We know it; it is Death, which assigned to us.'

Thereupon Death will be placed on its side and slaughtered on the wall.

Finally it will be said: 'O people of Paradise, only eternity and no more death. O people of the Fire, only eternity and more death.'"

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#6 Saeed 2012-06-09 22:02
"O people of the
Fire, only eternity and
more death" please I need you to explain that statement.
#5 sister 2012-05-21 18:42
YAALLAH grant success &janatulfirdaus to all brothers &sisters who spread your light to us &this world and save us all from the eternal hellfire Ameen
#4 Mohammad Ali Malik 2012-05-21 09:56
Asalam o Alekum respectable Shiek Yusuf Estes,__I would also like to thank you for posting this wonderful information about the hereafter. It teaches us all how to become good believers and do good deeds, in order to enter Paradise in the hereafter. __Sometimes I get a little upset when I read comments posted by people on sites against our faith, but I believe I should pray for their forgiveness and pray that they should learn the truth about Islam and be enlightened. Aameen.__May Allah Bless you Sir.__Sincerely ,__Mohammad Ali Malik.
#3 abeer 2012-05-21 05:50
thankyou brother yusuf__yes,it is the bitter truth to which we always close our eyes as if its not gonna happen to us.this is not only important for non muslims but also for muslims as they forgot there soul purpose of this life.we are in an examinaton hall,and soon our work sheets will be collected and we will be rewarded according to them.and SUBHAN ALLAH,the next step,which is the grave,ALLAH already told us the questions we have to prepare for that,but unfortunetly we are so blinded by this world and its possssions,as it is said that on the day of judgment this world wiil come infront of its dwelers in the form of a wicked old women who will be applying a lot of makeup to hide its true face,its true ugly face.ASTHAGFIRU LLAH and ALLAH will tell her to go to the hell fire,she will say'o,ALLAH,sen d my sons and daughters with me. which means the people who are crazy about this world and its possessions.AST HAGFIRULLAH,may ALLAH protect us from this horrible fate,AAAMMMMEEE NNNNN.and guide the people who are truly looking for guidence. as ALLAH said in kitab-ul-haq[th e quran]''whomsoe ver ALLAH wish to guide none can miss guide and whomesoever ALLAH wish to miss guide none can giude.''ALHUMDU LILLAH,as this article helped me a lot in remembring wats gonna happen to me when i die.i hope it opens everyones eyes as they read through it.......AAAAMM MMEEENNNN
#2 Mashkoor Basha 2012-05-20 19:06
Assalam mu allikum, Thank You Dr. Yusuf Estes. Wait did i said Doctor, Yes i did say cause you are one of my Doctor of Soul Thank You very much for remanding me about hereafter. May Allah unite the Muslim Ummah Aameen.
#1 Fellow sister 2012-05-20 18:56
Jazakka Allahu Khairan for a reminder we all need. Our time is coming (for us to die), and not thinking about it will not prevent it.

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