New Testament Problems

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'Copies' of Bible Books
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Cause Big Problems

Problems with 'Copies' of Books in the Bible

Why are so many Christians leaving their religion for other religions (or no religion at all)? A number of those who came to Islam told us the Bible seems to give more questions than answers and the solutions are found more in Quran than any other book.

Consider what the scholars of the Bible themselves are reporting about actual, historical findings and the problems the go along with these discoveries.

The following is taken from Professor Bart Ehram, professor of Bible scriptures, at University Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

In the case of the New Testament we have a highly ironic and problematic situation on our hands. We have thousands and thousands of later copies of the New Testament. But none of our copies are the originals or copies of the originals or copies of the copies of the originals.

The vast majority of our copies are from many hundreds of years after the originals. That in itself is not a problem, apart from a related circumstance. All of these surviving copies are different from other another, giving different wording for this verse and that verse, up and down the line, page after page over the entire New Testament.

We don’t know how many differences there are among our surviving copies – by last count we had some 5560 copies in the original Greek language of the New Testament – but they appear to number in the hundreds of thousands.

Most scholars think that there are some 300,000 or 400,000 differences among these copies.

The vast majority of these differences are completely unimportant, immaterial, insignificant, and don’t matter for a thing, other than to show that ancient Christian scribes could spell no better than most people can today.

(And they didn’t have spell check! In fact, they didn’t even have dictionaries)

But some of the differences matter a lot, affecting how a verse, or a passage, or even an entire book is to be interpreted. When you change what the words of a text are, you obviously also change what the words of the text mean!

And so it matters which words were originally written.

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#2 Zahid 2012-05-22 02:54
Sheikh, Can you put the reference of this text? Please.

Thank you
#1 sister 2012-05-21 18:49
ALLAHS Quran is the only true word of God of this universe and everyone must read it to find the eternal truth about themselves&thei r creator.

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