Bible Scholar: "No Original Bible!"

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There's No Original Bible

Muslims have long awaited the true admission from the Biblical scholars of Christianity.

Now it is here and right in front of us. Dr. Bart Ehram has publicly lectured again and again as well as having written many books on the topic of Jesus, the Bible and his field of textural criticism of the book adhered to by Christians everywhere - the Bible.

The best part is, he even presents us with ways to prove the shortcomings and discrepencies associated with the findings of remaining shreds and pieces of ancient manuscripts referred to be the Bible Thumpers themselves as "No more than copies over 145 years AFTER JESUS", (peace be upon him).

Take a look at what Ehram has to say about it all, in his public lecture and on his website and emails too.

Read . . .

In the case of the New Testament we have a highly ironic and problematic situation on our hands. We have thousands and thousands of later copies of the New Testament. But none of our copies are the originals or copies of the originals or copies of the copies of the originals.

The vast majority of our copies are from many hundreds of years after the originals. That in itself is not a problem, apart from a related circumstance. All of these surviving copies are different from other another, giving different wording for this verse and that verse, up and down the line, page after page over the entire New Testament.

We don’t know how many differences there are among our surviving copies – by last count we had some 5560 copies in the original Greek language of the New Testament – but they appear to number in the hundreds of thousands. Most scholars think that there are some 300,000 or 400,000 differences among these copies.

The vast majority of these differences are completely unimportant, immaterial, insignificant, and don’t matter for a thing, other than to show that ancient Christian scribes could spell no better than most people can today. (And they didn’t have spell check! In fact, they didn’t even have dictionaries.)

But some of the differences matter a lot, affecting how a verse, or a passage, or even an entire book is to be interpreted. When you change what the words of a text are, you obviously also change what the words of the text mean! And so it matters which words were originally written.

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#7 Babagana 2012-06-13 12:26
Thank goes to the person who wrote the article. and question goes to my brothers chriastans please can any of GOd lovingj christan to indicate chapter or verse in the holy bibles that mention the name JESUS OR church
#6 frank osayi 2012-06-01 16:41
It does no matter how many translations, the only real Word of God - is from God (Allah) directly to all of us 1,400 years ago.
And Jesus, Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus Christ and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) were the exalted messengers of God.
There is no salvation under heaven or on earth except from God Allah, Himself.
He has no partners, He is Supreme and Above All. Laa elaha illallah
(Bible says so too): and and
#5 Syed 2012-05-21 03:30
Salam brothers,
I've visited and the author of Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yayha).
Is he Muslim?
Wait for response from islamnewsroom.c om.
#4 Ibrahim 2012-05-18 05:15
salam, brothers. So Dr. Bart Ehram is denying the Bible and the error inside it right? And if it's true, what will he do now? What about the Christians right now? Will they not accept Christianity anymore father Dr. Bart Ehram's lecture? ( this is for All 4 Jesus (PBUH)) I love him as much as all the prophets has came to this world and it's because of Islam and that's why it makes me to make me closer to Jesus(PBUH) and to love him more, Thank you.
#3 wetoolove jesus 2012-05-18 01:31
dear all 4 jesus!
we too love jesus christ(peace be upon him)! and you will see the truth of it soon!!
#2 Tahir 2012-05-18 00:10
@All4Jesus, this article is not for you. It is for who is seeking the truth. If you are not interested in this kind of things then I wonder why you even bother to read this article, I am just saying. Anyways Thank you Shiekh for this very useful information.
#1 All 4 Jesus 2012-05-17 22:44
i believe in jesus no matter waht you say or do.
He is my jesus my christ, my logos.
But you say bible is not right
but all bible only from God why you say this?
scholars dont knwo and porfessors dont knwo and only God knows so just shut up!

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