Tourists Say Shahadah

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Yusuf Estes & Dr Salah Give Shahadah
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To Tourists in Hurghada, Egypt



Many surprises for Yusuf Estes & Dr Mohamed Salah on their visit to Hurghada, Egypt

The conclusion of the outdoor gathering included a surprise number of tourists and visitors accepting the creed and belief in Islam of "Laa elaha illallah, Muhammadar Rasoolullah" (There is none to worship except One God, Allah and Muhammad is His messenger).

May 13, 2012 -- Yusuf Estes, Dr Mohamed Salah & Guide US TV Govenor & PM Welcome Reception
Dr. Mohamed Salat, Yusuf Estes and the Guide US TV channel were well received in the offices of the govenor of a well-known tourist retreat in Eastern Egypt over the weekend.
The Guide US TV team arrived to an Official Governor's welcome in Harghada Egypt Saturday morning and immediately were taken to the offices of government officials to be received and welcomed on behalf of all the people in Hurghada.
A lecture on the topic of "Islam's Beauties", just after the Maghrib salat (sunset time worship) was conducted by Dr. Mohamed Salah was held in a newly constructed masjid overlooking the sea.
Tourists from many countries attended the outdoor program, while it was being filmed for later broadcast on Guide US TV.
Denmark, Finland, Germany, France and many from Russia were represented throughout the day.
Visitors explored the markets, ancient ruins and a newly constructed mosque on the Red Sea.
Also of interest in tour was the ajoining fish market, featuring some amazing looking fish.
Guide Us TV cameras were at work throughout the entire day.
The programs included the Maghrib (sunset prayer) and lecture with Dr. Mohamed Salat, and the late night event started after the Esha salat (night worship) and included Dr. Salah along with translations in Russian, English and of course Arabic languages.
The results of the meeting, tour of the masjid, various tourist attractions and the fish market all brought about a sense shared concern for the future growth of people in the region there, along with a commitment from both sides to work toward showing the proper way of Islam suitable for these days as well as showing the correct tolerance for those who are not followers of Islam.
The local dawah chairman, imam and a number of local volunteers formed an agreement to open a library and center for call to correct Islam for visitors and Muslims as well. A building for the center was discussed and offers from both the governor and chairman to bring Dr. Salah and Yusuf Estes back again for the opening of the center.


#2 Hamza Amin 2012-05-13 11:38
Masha'Allah .... Brothers may Allah bless u more n more for doing such wonderful job.May Allah give us strength and make our way easy towards HIS pleasure... Aameen
#1 Siddiqua Fatimah 2012-05-13 03:31
With every Question, lies an answer. And with every Question there is a Quest for the Answer.This Search, defines us. And Every search leads you to the Ultimate Truth. And there is no Truth, truer than the TRUTH himself: 'Al- HAQQ'..SUBHANAL LAH

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