How To Give EZ Shahadahs (video)

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Give Shahadahs EZ Way
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Islam Explained in EZ Terms
What ISLAM Really Means




How to Give EZ Shahadahs
-- Yusuf Estes 


Before we can begin, and to be fair to those not familiar with Islamic terms and words, we must start by explaining to both Muslims and the non-Muslims alike, who might be wondering what Islam is really all about.

Only then could we set the stage for them to better understand the actual ramifications of the rulings and judgments of Islam.


#1. Begin by watching the video
Give out the link (download and make copies of the DVD). Give the link or DVD to your family or friends and just tell them you have a "QUESTION" and you will ask the question after they watch the movie. Simple as that - and you don't even have to tell them it is about Islam. Just ask them to watch or visit the link and then you will ask the question...

#2. Learn how to say it all in English
Many of our students are concerned about how to present Islam to their colleagues and family. They say things like:

"As a new Muslim, I would like to know how can I understand and explain what Islam means to my family and friends. So what does it all mean in English?"


whatsislam 3

Islam, Allah, Quran, Sunnah, Salat, Zakat, Tawhid, Aqeedah, Ibadah, Hudud, Jihad, Shari'ah -

These are just a few of the words related to the faith of over 1.5 billion people on the earth today. Very often these words are misunderstood and even feared in many lands today. Muslims themselves have doubts about what some of the usages might be, and how these are to be implemented. There are some Muslims who have even concluded that many of these words like Shari'ah for instance, are something of the past and no longer applicable in today's world.

#3. Have to a basic understanding of Arabic words and what the terms imply or actually mean. You should first explain exactly what "ISLAM" means and then what is Tawhid (monotheism); Ibadah (worship); Shar'iah (God's Commandments in Islamic Law); Fatwah (Islamic Judge's findings in Law and their subsequent rulings); Hudud (punishment).

#4. Learn to explain words and terms
It is important for anyone desiring to understand Islam's position on any subject, especially in such matters as this, to gain a firm grip on the importance of words being used and their meanings regarding the issues at hand.

EXAMPLES: Let's begin with the Arabic word for The Most Merciful, Most Loving, Most Praisedworthy, Creator and Sustainer of the universe:


Believe it or not, most people do not know the word "God" is a deficient representation of the Hebrew or Arabic words for the One Creator and Sustainer of the universe, when presented in the English language. There is nothing in English to properly represent the word used in Semetic languages for the One Lord, Master, Divine, Omnipotent, Majesty and Holy One. The word used in English for the "One Worthy of all devotion, praise and love" for Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus, (peace be upon them all) is the same as the word for any other religions object of worship - "god".

The word "god" is used both for the pagans and the monotheists. In order to distinguish between the two, the first letter "g" in the word is capitalized when written: God

However, this approach does not help very much when beginning a sentence with the word as all sentences begin with capital letters. Nor does it provide for any type of distinction when speaking as there would be no way to differentiate between the sound of the word "god" and the sound of the word "God". Upper or lower case letters do not change the sound.

"Allah" is the more appropriate word for the "God" of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. There is a word in Arabic for "god" (note the small 'g'); it is "elah."

The word "Allah" in Arabic comes from the same root, but it can not be made plural (as in: 'gods') nor can the word imply actual gender (as in: 'goddess').

Allah is the perfect word to describe the One God Almighty of the universe.

Allah is the word used by the writers of the Bible for both the Jews and Christians in the Arabic language for centuries.

Islam (surrender, submit, obey, sincere, peace)

(noun from verb: aslama; root: slm); to surrender, obey, submit, sincere, devotion in peace; relationship between of slave to the master; between God and His Creatures (us); to do "God's Will on earth, as it is in Heaven".

(choice to submit) to Allah's Shar'iah (God's Commandments in Islamic Law) and is the very balance needed for all humans for all times and in all places (according the teachings of Islam).

The Heaven or Paradise is reserved only for those who recognize the authority of Almighty God (Allah) in their lives and then submit to His Commandments and Judgments on His Terms

Quran (recitation);

Recitation and actual Speech of Allah recorded in memory of Muhammad, peace be upon him, from the Angel Jibreel [Gabriel]. It was then passed on from mouth to ear and recorded in manuscripts perserved until now.

Quran is memorized by over 10,000,000 Muslims living on the earth today - 90% of whom are not even Arab, by the way. Quran is the Final Revelation and Last Testament from Allah to all mankind, as such it is considered by Muslims as the foundation for everything in the Shari'ah.

Hadeeth (narration);.

Recorded sayings, actions and commandments of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); preserved testimonies of eyewitnesses to accounts that took place, including the revelation of the Quran.

Muslim (one who does 'Islam', i.e.; surrenders in peace to Allah)

comes from the same root as "Islam" and it means: the one who believes in Allah and is following the orders, commandments and teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah; complying with the Shari'ah of Islam.

Sunnah (way);

Set pattern, way of doing things; The way the universe follows the Will of Allah; (especially the "Way of the Muslim" in submission to Allah's Divine Will)

Ibadah (worship);

Devoted servitude (as a slave to the master); in Islam worship is only for Allah, never to worship anything in or of His Creation. All praise, worship, thanksgiving and supplications are for Him alone.

Tawhid (monotheism)

From wahid (one); Uniquely One; Oneness of Allah; Unity of Deity; One without partners.

Beief in Allah, Alone without any partners; none like unto Him;

(compare to Old Testament: First Commandment; Exodus, chapter 20) and to obey the prophets of Allah, worshiping Allah according to the way they did, and to be dutiful to the parents.

(compare to the New Testament, Mark: chapter 12:29) "Know O Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord; and you have to worship Him with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength. And I give you another Commandment like unto it, to love your neighbor as yourself."

Shar'iah (God's Law);

God's Commandments in Islamic Law according to Commandments of Allah in the Quran and the Sunnah (teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him, as understood by the first generation of companions to Muhammad, peace be upon him). The shar'iah only applies to Muslims and those who live under the protection of the Islamic State (khalifate).

Fatwah (ruling);

Findings in Law and their subsequent rulings, by jurists and Islamic scholars who have memorized the Quran and are experts in the classical Arabic language and have correct knowledge of the meaning of the revelation of Quran and the hadeeth.

#5. Get familiar with Arabic terms and English meanings
Get proper understanding and termonology. Then we are better able to put things into proper perspective, inshallah (God Willing).

#6. You are ready for the BIG ONE:
Now Visit The Website For E-Z Dawah:
What's ISLAM?
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#7. Oh yeah, remember you told them you had a question after they watched it.
So, they say to you, "Alright, I watched the video. So, what will you ask?
"How did you like it?"

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#1 mk 2012-05-04 12:18
sallaaam malekoum,__my question is is ALLAH in fact Gods most precious and personal name? in the most ancient copies man has today of the bible over 7000 times Gods name is mentioned but the scholars and religious leaders stopped using it centuries ago and no one now knows in Judaism and Christianity how to accurately pronounce it, they came up with YHWH or YAWEH or as JEHOVAH, but my understanding is these are assumptions to strive to use his personal name which shows good intentions, as we as muslims know it is very important to differentiate the only owner and rulling God of the Universe hense why we use Allah, So my question again is Allah the correct way all of Gods servants were addressing him of old times, Bible times and is this the way the tetragrammaton was origionally pronounced? As a muslim i believe the only one to clarify the right pronunciation of Gods Name is He himself and as a Muslim i believe that is what He did when he sent down the Koran, his very first sentence in Koran is Bismilla Rahmen Raheem(IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST BENEFICENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL) This is my understanding but i am very new in Islam and would love a scholar or scholars more educatied in Islam to clarify this about Allahs personal name because it is very important to me to use and say his name correctly.__Sho kran and may Allah Suphanawataala continue to guide and strengthen his Ummah and the Dawah work amongst all true muslims,__salla am malekoum a barakatu

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