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Yes! We Are Saving it! (inshallah)
Guide US TV Deadline Today
Almost There - We Can Do it!


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Guide US TV Needs US

Without your support we could loose our TV channels

And will only be on websites (like this one)
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We Thank Allah for Six Great Years of Broadcasting
Our Free to Air TV for America (USA & Canada) 
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And will only be on websites (like this one)
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Please brothers & sisters to help me to the Muslims to join us & save this channel
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Support Now - Even if it is little - But make it regular
(Allah LOVES That Way)
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Guide US TV Support
P.O. Box 3432
Dublin, OHio 43016
Or Go To www.GuideUS.TV/donate online support


#2 Mohammad 2012-05-08 22:01
I think what MK said is good idea and i support that i hope that all Ummah become united even due the Dawah
barakallah feekom
#1 MK 2012-05-08 15:42
sallaam shiek, in sha Allah Allah will save the channel i pray. i wanted to share an idea with you, you may have already considered this, only Allah knows but i thought it may be a good one so i hope u can consider it in sha Allah if u have not allready....fir st of all i want to commend once again how for the sake of Allah you and your group of shieks and volunteers have really started a stong spread of Dawah to non believers in the west and all over the world and helped our Ummah get stronger in TRUE ISLAM EL HUMDULAH! you have helped me tremendously elhumdulah, but i have to be honest it has not been only your sites that have helped in the path of learning true Islam there are a few other groups here in the west you may know about that with Allah's grace have been promoting the same True Dawah you and your group have been doing, such ones as and OneUmmahTv... these sites really are great and helped myself and many others i know come into the Folds of True Islam....My idea is Inshallah that all these sites like yours are free without sponsors or advertizements all supported by donations by our Ummah.. in my opinion it would be so much easier and less expensive for all these groups including yours to promote true islam if these groups all worked together as a unified brotherhood promoting the same message of True Islam... then our Ummah would be able to make larger donations towards one group that is promoting a unified message. instead of giving multiple donations to many separate groups promoting the same good true was just an idea i hope it may help inshallah i know it would be easier for my family to donate to one group regularly then many different ones. at least one group unified here in the could be a good start...regardl ess i pray for your work to continue inshallah and as always QadarAlla MeshaAllah we know Allah will make sure all know who he is, he will even make the mountains cry out if he has too :-)__sallaaam malekoum zalakaker abarakatu

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