Muslim Lawyer Calls for Shariah

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Muslim Lawyer Hides
muslim russian_lawyer

After Call for Shariah

We request you to read (carefully) this article from Muslims in Moscow, Russia, then make your comments at the bottom of the page.
This will help others understand what we really do believe about so-called "Shariah Law" in today's world and what it means to a real Muslim.

Read . . .

Moscow, Russia - April 27, 2012  - "We will flood the city with blood", says a Muslim lawyer who also publicly demanded creation of "Shariah Law" courts in his country.

Dagir Khasavov, a Muslim lawyer living in Moscow disappeared into hiding after many threats against his life, as well heavy criticism from liberals, atheists and even Muslim clerics after his statements.

Khasavov canceled an interview with Ekho Moskvy and went to an undisclosed safe house Thursday after armed men thought to be from Chechnya appeared at the station's premises on Novy Arbat, Khasavov's son Arslan wrote on his blog.

He said the men had identified themselves as members of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov's security service.

Kadyrov issued an angry statement earlier this week in which he accused Khasavov, who is from Chechnya, of provoking Muslims and damaging Islam.

Arslan Khasavov said Friday that his family was being threatened.

"We receive threats, although not from serious people," he told the Rapsi news agency. He refused to elaborate. Khasavov did not confirm a report by the BBC's Russian Service that his father had left the country.

The Investigative Committee said Friday that it is looking into whether Khasavov's comments violate Article 282 of the Criminal Code, which bans inciting national or religious hatred.

Dagir Khasavov said in a television interview Tuesday that Muslim believers reject the country's court system and that attempts to prevent the creation of Sharia courts would end in bloodshed.

"We will flood the city with blood," he told Ren-TV.

His comments triggered a wave of heated criticism.

The liberal Yabloko party called upon authorities to open a criminal case against Khasavov.

Muslim clerics stressed that their believers respect the Constitution, which stipulated the separation of  and state.

Experts pointed out that, despite being unconstitutional, Sharia courts do already exist in the country.

"In practice such courts already work in the rural North Caucasus," said Alexander Verkhovsky of the Sova Center, which tracks extremism and xenophobia.

Arslan Khasavov suggested that Ren-TV had aired his father's quotes out of context.

"Why has the full recording not been shown?" he wrote on his blog.

Was Khasavov right in his comments? Did he go too far? Or not far enough? What is the way Muslims should deal with the subject of "Shariah Law" in non-Muslim countries? What about Muslim countries?

Your comments, opinions and ideas can make a difference. Please read again, think and then join in on this important topic.

Thanks so much, Jazakallah khair.

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#3 Zohaib 2012-05-10 05:49
Agreed listen we can't take every statement a person says literally, everyone says something inappropriate at time, we are all human. To go out and chastise someone for one comment, or one mistake is ridiculous. Look at peoples actions overall, do they have a history. Also why are so many people going after this 1 person for 1 comment. Don't these people have older parents who need tending? (are they in a nursing home, or worse) Don't they have kids that need upbringing? (are the kids out and about, without supervision) What about all the poor people in that country that need help? ( are they just ignored) There are bigger things in the world and as mature people we need to move on, ignore this type of sillyness. This is waswasa of shaitan, all these random issues the media raises. Focus on your namaz, prayers, charity, family, and relationship with Allah Swt.
#2 omabdullah ebn muhammad 2012-04-27 23:00
i think he was not right in his comments, he did went too far, we Muslims should deal with this subject in non -Muslim countries ,even Muslim ones rationally and calmly not to talk about blood and killing and by sincere scholars
#1 Zeena 2012-04-27 20:10
I do not know the law in Russia so I cannot comment on whether or not having shariah courts is unconstitutiona l, however, I believe this man's request for such courts does not infringe on anyone's freedom, nor does it provoke Muslims and damage Islam. Since full quotes have not been used for this article, it is difficult to judge. Even if shariah courts are present in Caucacus, it should be readily available in all provinces of Russia. If anything, these courts will simplify legal matters. Blood shed isn't necessary if normal courts will allow Muslim lawyers to handle cases between Muslims according to the Shariah. That [blood shed] should definitely be the last resort.

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