Arab Millionaire Pays $136K Bottle Wine?

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Believe It -- Or Not!
wine pour1

$136K for Wine
($0.00 for Dawah?)

New Muslims work in dawah love to make Hajj and Ummrah. But when they visit the Gulf countries hoping for support of their dawah efforts in USA, UK, Canada & other places, they get shocked at what they find.

They tell us, it is not going to work in countries where millionaire Muslims don't practice true Islam. In fact they say, these guys don't even know Islam teaches us not to waste money, not to show off and you must pay zakat.
Oh yeah, one more thing - It's HARAM to DRINK WINE!

How does this look to new Muslims just coming to Islam?

What about non-Muslims who think all of this is a part of Islam?

What can we do when born Muslims in Muslim countries do not follow the Commanadments of Allah?

Anyway, here is just one more story going all over the Internet in the news these days:

A Saudi millionaire splurged $136,000 on a bottle of champagneat Dubai’s glitzy Cavalli club over the weekend, a UAE newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“The Saudi Arabian and his friends guzzled” a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal in the early hours of Saturday morning, the 7DAYS newspaper said.

The vintage bottle was “one of just three believed to be available worldwide,” the paper added. The other two were for sale at nightclubs in New York and London.

According to 7DAYS, the Cristal bottle was from a “batch made in 1990 in Champagne, France,” originally intended for the Millenium celebrations.

Club’s manager David Lescarret would not divulge the Saudi’s total bill for the night, saying only that it was “very high” and included a “luxurious dinner.”

The manager said the Cavalli club bought the champagne at a Christie’s auction house in London at a cost of around $93,000.

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Have you had enough of the double standards going on with Muslims today?

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#8 nur 2012-06-04 19:25
they're muslim too but money and fame make them blind. Don't think Islam country better, more of them just born Islam but didn't do their duties to Allah. My country is the largest muslim population but many muslim living their life like non-muslim. they spend they time watching useless movie or going to concert (even with their hijab they screams to Idol!). Really depressing..
#7 waheed 2012-05-19 05:37
Salaam to Brothers and Sisters in ISLAM. Glimpse back world history for the nations which came in to power, ruled, and disappeared. Allah s.w.t always changes the inhabitants, tribes and people who oppose to Allah s.w.t laid commands. Arab peninsula is the same area where Allah's punishment came down to inhabitants they were also called Arabs. So what if present rulers are guided directed by Non-Muslims or so called Arabs with west ideology. Just be assured no one can with stand against Allah's punishment. The reward Arabs having now is due to blessing of their elders deeds. Very soon Insha'Allah, if they do not submit to Allah's will and corrects themselves. For sure what they will do or doings will be soon rewarded to their offspring.
#6 Kismat Khan 2012-05-18 09:16
Asalamoalaikom, Do gudetv has member that pay in every month? If not why not start it. If each person pay 1 dollars/month. It is enough with 83000 people and guideustv has people around the world watching so Inshallah it wont be any problem to raise this amount of money in this set.
#5 Shakil 2012-05-07 02:49
See what happening in palatine. What happening in Somalia and other African Muslim countries in lac of food. What happening in Muslim countries around the world. After all why these Arabs whom Allah gave so many blessings turning around their face from Allah. I think Allah will place another nation hid ayah against and make Muslims proud again before the end of the world. Allah knows best. May allah guide us.
#4 abeer 2012-04-25 04:41
ISTAGHFIRULLAH! ALLAH HU AKBAR!whats wrong with these people???...the y are from saudi arabia,and the rulling group!!...the one group which takes care of all the affairs in the country.what example they are setting up for new muslims?__may ALLAH guide them,they are blind and have fallen deep into this world's dirty pond,it is said in one hadith taht when the law came from ALLAH that khamar[wine]is haram now,there was one companion of the prophet,who brought wine for himself from a far off place and spent all his savings and saleary on it,but when he heard about the law he broke all the buckets which were on camels and let the wine flow out of them.and it is said that all the people did the same and for 2 days wine was flowing in seavage disposal pipes and drains in makkah,endlessl y. SUBHAN ALLAH they were true muslims.and they were also from saudia.may ALLAH show them the right path.AAMMEENN
#3 Mariam 2012-04-16 18:00
ISTAGHFUR ALLAH! This is the most disgusting of acts. May Allah bless GuideUS TV. My entire family watches it and we love it. Very educational and enlightening. Please anyone help donate. Just go to
#2 sk 2012-04-16 15:30
Why do Muslim countries even sell this kind of stuff (even it's to non-Muslims). what happened to that hadith about wine. It is reported by 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Umar that the Prophet (peace be on him) said: 'God has cursed khamr (wine) and him who drinks it, him who provides it to others and him who buys or sells it, him who squeezes (the grapes) into wine and him who causes others to squeeze grapes (in order to make wine), him who carries it and him to whom it is carried.
#1 Mustufa Bharoocha 2012-04-11 22:32
Was the guy an Arab Christian or Arab Muslim? Just curious, but still it's a shame.

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