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False Claims Against Islam
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Good Answers - From
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We live in a very "STRANGE" time, don't we?
I mean, look at the many attacks in emails, videos, forums, blogs and articles of people who "CLAIM" to be EX-Muslims, or MODERN-Muslims, or QURANIC-Muslims.
Strange isn't it?
They could not be farther from the truth, yet they talk like they are experts.
This is all very amazing.
How to answer these people?
How to preserve our deen?
How to help them see truth?

IDEA: SHEIK GOOGLE (no "H" after the "K")
That's right - Now you can use our websites for real Islam in English. Now, find anything you need with just a few words.
Watch how easy it is:
  • First, STOP USING GOOGLE & YOUTUBE! (that is the one biggest problem for Muslims today)
  • Now USE: www.SearchForIslam.com (or www.SHEIKGOOGLE.com)
  • Type in KEYWORDS you want & watch what happens
    • Someone says "Muslims worship moon-god" (authobillah) Type in: Allah God moon
    • Email says, "Imam left Islam for Jesus" (BIG LIE) Type in: Fake Muslim
    • Article says, "Mohamed married little girl" (authobillah) Type in: Ayesha Marriage
    • Comments on blogs or forums say, "NO to Shariah" Type in: Shariah
    • A story says, "Radical Muslim Terrorists..." Type in: Jihad or Radical
    • Wafa Sultan says she is EX-Muslim & Islam is Terrorism: Type in Wafa
    • Magazine says "Islam Abuses Women" Type in: Islam Women
    • Story tells us about "New Quran" (authobillah) Type in: Fake Quran
You get the idea? Right?
Any word you type in about ISLAM, MUSLIMS, WOMEN, JIHAD, SALAH, HAJJ, FAKE, QURAN, SHARIAH, ISLAMOPHOBIA, BURN QURANS, and the list is almost forever.
Try it.
Use it.
Share it.
"LIKE" it (on Facebook)
"Tweet" it (on Twitter)
Unfortunately today, we find truth and lies woven together in the same fabric and presented as facts by both Muslims and non-Muslims. This blog is no exception.
We understand the non-Muslim's ignorance of real Islam and their negative attitude toward Muslims considering the steady diet of misinformation to which they are constantly exposed.
However, there is no excuse for Muslims lying and misrepresenting Islam - or anything else for that matter. Shame on those who knowingly deal in falsehood.
A smart reader will consider three things:
1. Who is saying it?
2. What might be their motives?
3. Does it factually match testable evidences?
Next time you find a Muslim prevaricating (speaking falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstating or creating an incorrect impression; lie) LYING - show them what Islam really says about this:
Ask them to aquire real facts about their own religion before attempting an intellectual discourse in a public forum such as this.
OK - Now 'click' here & go to:

Sheik Google.com

At last - Islam TV for everyone!
On Satellite & Internet
Tell everyone:
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#2 rehana 2012-04-30 16:49
i would like to ask yusuf estes some questions. how can i do so?
#1 Mehdi 2012-04-09 00:22
Jazaka allahu khayran, Sheikh Yusuf, May Allah Bless you, and give you guidance. Thank You for what you're doing to Islam and Muslims.

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