Yusuf Estes: Exposing Islam

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Yusuf Estes Is Doing It Now:
Islam exposed

Why Would He Do it?
What's Going On?

How Could He?

Some people are all mixed up about Islam and Muslims - (Yusuf Estes is now setting them straight)

Others are opposing what they don't understand - (He has seen the light and is telling all)

Some are endorsing what they don't understand -  (Yusuf Estes is telling everything)

Some Muslims are speaking out AGAINST ISLAM - (What can they do? - He is saying the truth!)

But what is the truth about this religion and the people that follow it?
READ. . .

Islam is killing?
Is It Slaughtering?
Is It About Terrorism?
Is It About Hijacking?
Is It About Kidnapping?
Child Porn? Child Brides?
Forced Marriages for Kids?
Wife Beating? Pagan worship?

Is it time for the truth to come out? Is it about time that someone really EXPOSED ISLAM?

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This is Dawah - Real Dawah

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#14 watermellon garrulous 2013-04-03 02:12
Muhammad Peace be upon him indeed was a Messenger of Allah and did not do anything that was against the orders of Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth
#13 Yusuf Estes 2013-02-19 22:00
Salam alaykum Esma,_Thanks for writing to me. Usually I don't have time to read all the comments, especially while traveling (in Doha right now). But this one caught my eye and I wanted to reply to you. I have actually written a number of short articles, booklets and pamphlets on Islamic matters, and a few small books._My biggest efforts deal with the Bible vs. Quran and there is one in particular you might like, called BIBLE A CLOSER LOOK - go to www.911Bible.com and look for it there online (free of course)
#12 Esma 2013-02-19 14:10
Yusuf Estes you work so hard for Islam. We love you and always watch Guide Us TV. I was wondering if you written any book? Insaallah ALLAH will give you health and strength for Dawah. I pray for you and for your team. Thank you!!!
#11 Yusuf Essop 2013-02-19 03:22
Islam is NOT a religion of PEACE.

Islam is a religion of JUSTICE!

It does not compromise on Justice for the sake of Peace.

It is this compromise that has brought us where we are.
#10 Muhammad Kabir 2012-07-29 04:44
As salamu alaikum brother Yusuf,
I was stocked when some one asked me a question about an Ayat from the Qur'an surah chapter 30, verse 33, that talked about Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi was salam, marrying the divorced wife of His adopted son Zaid. I understand the concept but fail to make my questioner understand, because he is a bitter critics of Islam. Pls, can I consult you in future when i'm faced with questions like this, & how?
#9 mahbub 2012-07-26 05:48
truth must be revealed

and only Islam is truth
#8 Ahmed 2012-07-24 18:55
Salaam to you Muhammad Fayaz Yousaf and Faisal, may Allah give you peace and increase you in determination.
Salaam to you too Yusuf Estes I will work in my ability to practice Islam (propagation is also part of it isn't it).
We can make a change with our Wali (The Protecting Friend)so lets give it our best!
#7 Faisal 2012-03-21 12:06
Well Islam is only religion accepted by Allah Almighty rest is all what human desires are we can't consider them as religions. __if we see today whatever human beings have created using their own minds failed them miserably and its shows that its not religion and one with mind can understand very easily that only Islam is religion from Allah as it has not a single error.__you can fit it in any aspect of life you will have a reply what you have to do.__i pray and wish that everyone understand this and accepts the truth.__Good Job brother Yusuf may you have higer ranks in Jannah INSHALLAH
#6 Muhammad Fayaz Yousaf 2012-03-21 10:45
Islam in actual, pure manifestation, the original revelation as it is revealed by ALLAH s.w. and they way the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. has presented through His Glorious life. Islam should be unveiled or if non-believers caught us Muslims on the day of judgment that you Muslims knew Quran was the perfected universal theory of ALLAH for the entire humanity for the entire ages on earth and you Muslims had veiled Quran and hided from us and feared our criticism, did not forgive our ignorance and did not tolerate our insult, did not use the wisdom, the beautiful advises and the beautiful styles of arguments, did not make any effort to convay the message of the Holy Prophet and just kept Quran with you did not speak to us about it so this is because of you Muslims that we are going to hell till eternity... Oh! ALLAH, what will we answer to them on the day of judgment.. and we should fear ALLAH that if ALLAH s.w. asked us and held us responsible for them, then what? ALLAH is the Almighty and we will be specifically questioned about the people's ignorance and their deeds. Dear Yusuf Jazakallah Khair, please unveil Islam, do it, exposed Islam to the world, do not leave a single point in Islam unexposed.. unveil Quran..
#5 masood 2012-03-21 01:23
__i was fotunate enough on this day to be born muslim, and i have great faith that in the last thirty years of my life i have had the oppertunity to see how the promise of Allah that he protects islam is actually administered. all my life i have only been occupied with studying. i do believe islam is now strong enough to be exposed for the real impact it is designed to have on the world. to find peace in this time is to submit, i can tell you that days may come that muslims will not leave the mosque for fear of missing a prayer in the mosque, before then make yourself ready that when that day comes you can be an ambassador and not still trying to cling to the things of this world.

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