Shari'ah-O-Phobia? Who Fears It?

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Fear Shar'iah Law?
sharia no
Is U.S. IslamOphobic?

There is a lot of talk against the Shari'ah (Islamic Law) going around these days.
Some of it is coming even from Muslims.
How can this be?
That is a very good question and one we hope to address to some degree in this article.

Islam-Ophobia?  Shariah-Ophobic? Muslim-Ophobia?
What is really going on in America?
And what are we doing here?

About Shari'ah
Listen carefully and do not take this out of context. Do not let prejudices and preconceived notions cause you to form an opinon for or against this topic, at least until you have a chance to consider some very important issues related to this discussion.
Let's begin with the religous position the Shari'ah holds in the religion of Islam. Shari'ah comes from an Arabic root and equates in a religious sense to the Torah of the Old Testament, meaning: God's Law
Shari'ah is similar in Islam to the Ten Commandments, Law of Moses, Common Law and Law of the Land.
All of these "Laws" we can readily understand and grasp the sense of meaning and need for these in various places and times throughout history.

When it comes to things beyond our control we often use the term, Act of God or God's Will. A Jew, Christian or Muslim would immediately acknowledge God's Power over our world, the sun, the solar system, the molecules, atoms, His creation, His universe - everything. We would not even begin to think about how to cause the Milkyway to change course or stop moving all together. This would be silly.
All of this is in Almighty God's Hands, so to speak, under His control and His direction. He is the Only Creator, Sustainer, Caretaker, Govenor, King, Provider, Owner and Master and Mighty over all things.

Now let us consider a little something about the understanding of the meaning of the word "shari'ah" itself.
According to religious scholars in various parts of the world, the concept and meaning behind the word "shari'ah" is, to represent a source of what is most needed. The comparison I have heard on numerous occasions is that of a lake or body of water for humans and animals. All of us would understand it is needed, it is beneficial and it is something shared.
At the same time, all of us would not be willing to come to this source from the same direction or same way. For this, in Arabic, there is another word, "Fiqh" (pronouced 'ficK') and it offers different ways to approach the same source (shari'ah).
What is the most needed thing for us in our world all around us?
Think about it like this, we all need water and there is only one kind of water - H2O. Definitely, we all need it in one form or another on a very regular basis, or we die.
But how we come to the water, will depend on an infinite number of conditions.
Water = shari'ah | Fiqh = path (or way to get there)

Now let us consider what it is, we humans have to deal with in our social world surrounding us everyday.
It's all about "Rights".
Human rights! Women's Rights! Husbands Rights! Children's Rights! Grandparents Rights! Employees Rights! Taxpayers Rights! Animal Rights! Plants Rights! Mineral Rights! (LOL)
Everyone wants their rights - (right?) - LOL
I want my rights. You want your rights. She wants her rights. They want their rights. All of us want our rights.
All of us want to be sure we get our share, our space, our due . . our rights!
But very few of us consider about the "rights" of the others who all within the same creation where we all exist. That is just way beyond our capacity.
Humans have tried to some success over the centuries to come up with "laws" to protect the rights of individuals, organizations, corporations, businesses, governments and all types of enterprises. And these laws are continually changing on a daily basis.
But we seldom consider imposing "Limits" on ourselves. And this is the shortcoming of human law. We are always ready to grab for our rights, but seldom worry much over the loss of others, as long as we are satisfied with our situation.

Where does the Shari'ah (God's Law) come in to play?

Shari'ah is Almighty God's Law for His people to follow, in order that all of us are able to get our rights. But it doesn't end there. Not only are people included in the Shari'ah, but animals, plants and even minerals as well.
. Those who believe in Him are very much obliged to follow His Commandments and Laws here on earth, to do God's Will on earth - as it is in the Heavens.

So, we understand the Shari'ah is all about "Rights" and everything in God's creation has these rights. It all comes on different levels according to the status of the creation in front of Almighty God. But, there are certain limits that go along with these rights - as well as responsibilities too.

Obviously, Almighty God has the first and foremost rights of all, as He alone, is the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe. While the rest of the creation will be in obedience to His commands.
Who after God Almighty should have the next "level" of rights?
Good Question.
Consider who the best and final creation of Almighty Allah is - Adam (This word actually represents all of mankind by the way - as in son of Adam, also means 'human beings'). So humans are the next in line for rights. And in fact, that is how we find it. We cannot control the universe or even our own little world. But we do have choices and we are in authority over the rest of the earth.
True or not?
Humans have the first level of "choice" or rights, after God's Will (Commands). So, we can make good or bad choices - and it is up to us.
The rest of the planet falls into line something like this:
  • 1st - Allah God Almighty
  • Humans life (human life is scared, after worship of God) - detailed a bit more, below.
  • Animal life (all living creatures)
  • Vegetation (all plant life)
  • Water (respect is given to the sustaining liquid that provides us all life. We must not waste it)
  • Minerals (each and every single type of mineral is to be handled with respect as it all comes from God)

Now as humans we also have levels according to Islam (many people and even some Muslims fail this part of the test)

Who, after Almighty God should have the most rights of all humans?

The Messengers who have been sent with the message of the secret of life - here and in the Hereafter, namely the prophets, peace be upon them all. This starts with and includes:

  • Adam - the first and foremost of all human beings
  • Abraham - Famous for his total and complete submission to the Will of God (recall when he was willing to slaughter his only son after waiting for 90 years for a child?)
  • Issaic, Ishmael, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ and Muhammad the seal of the prophets, peace be upon all of them.
    The concept here is these great men all represent the One and Only God, and as such they are to be obeyed when they command the people to do anything under the authority of the One God.

And then who?

Who then would have the most rights, after God and His prophets?

(Get ready for a big surprise)

  • Your MOTHER - that's right. Shari'ah says your mother has the most rights after the religion.
  • And then? Your MOTHER, again!
  • And then who? Again, your MOTHER!
  • And then? Once again, shari'ah of Islam says - YOUR MOTHER

Then who? After Almighty God, and after the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, and after your mother, your mother, your mother - Who then?

Then your father.

This immediately shows the favor of the mother in front of Almighty God, even over the rights of the father. So make no mistake about this, Islam does not and will not tolerate the liars who claim that men can abuse women in any way, shape or form.

When Islam came in the Arab desert over 1,400 years ago, we find the desert dwellers were the best of hosts to their guests, even strangers.

But they were the worst in the treatment of women. This, to the extent they use to take a new born baby girl out to the desert and bury her alive in the burning sands and leave her to die there.

This is beyond human belief. Yet this is what Islam came to correct.

Now consider the rights of others according to Shari'ah.

Rights of parents (above); rights of wife (mentioned first in Quran), rights of men, rights of children, rights of neighbors (if you don't take care of neighbors you are not a believer), rights of strangers and travelers, rights of workers, rights of leaders (to be followed), rights of customers, rights of shop keepers, rights of investors, rights in marriages - the list goes on and on, and Shari'ah is covering in details, each and every right of all the categories - even the rights of enemies and prisoners of war. And this is fourteen centuries BEFORE the Geneva Convention.

Let's just take one example of the Shari'ah in today's world and what it really teaches will surprise even some Muslims. Take for example the subject of Burning the Quran. Obviously, no one wants to see their faith slandered or maligned, nor would most of us be confortable with someone burning our percious texts, whether religious or otherwise.

However, the Shari'ah of Islam does not insist on death to the one who burns the Quran. In fact, this may come as a shock, sometimes Shari'ah actually calls for this to be done, especially on old manuscripts or worn and torn books that no longer serve their purpose.

So, the real question is, who should fear the Shari'ah of Almighty God?

There are two categories of people, who should fear the Law of God (Shari'ah).

One is the criminal. The criminal because he knows he will have to pay for what he has done, either now or later.

The other is the disbeliever. The disbeliever, because he doesn't want to adhere to something he doesn't believe in, and wants to continue making up his own way in this life, without concern of consequences after this life.

On the one hand, someone who is only interested in their "rights" even at the expense of the rights of others, is definitely going to oppose Shari'ah Law.

Maybe they want to drink alcohol, use drugs, gamble, deal in usary, take advantage of others, even steal, lie, cheat and have sex outside of legal marriage. Any of these and other similar reasons would cause fear of a Law preventing or punishing for these crimes.

We understand those who want to break the Commandments, take away rights of others, go beyond limits set forth by Almighty God - They are the ones who should be very afraid of the Shari'ah.

According to Islam, if someone commits crimes in this life and does not repent and does not make restitution, they will still be responsible for those crimes in the Next Life, on the Day of Judgment.

On the other hand, this is why you will find the believing Muslim more ready to submit to punishment for his or her crime in this life - to avoid the punishment in the Next Life.

Shar'iah offers serious and authentic PROOFS for all that is said here, from the sources of Islam, namely:


  1. Quran (means "Reciting" and comes from a word meaning "to recite something") The Recitation of God's Speech (literally: The Words of God) These came to Muhammad, peace be upon him, from God, by way of the Holy Spirit (Ruh Quds) or Jibril (Angel Gabriel) in a cave, high up in the Mountain of LIght, just outside of Mecca (Bakkah in Quran and in Genesis in the Bible).
    The verses came little by little over a period of 23 years and the revelation is still today recited exactly the same way, verse for verse, word for word, letter for letter and dot for dot - exactly the same and ALL in Arabic by every single Muslim (over 1.5 billion).
    It is the only book on earth, that if we lost every book on earth - and even waited for a full year, we could bring it all back from the memories of those who memorize it entirely from cover to cover (today it is reported we have over twenty million who have committed the entire Quran to memory).

  2. Sunnah (means "Way" and it was the "Way of Muhammad", peace be upon him). Again, all each and every of his sayings, teachings, habits, likes and dislikes along with his every step in worship was memorized by the very same people who also memorized the Quran, and then passed it down from mouth to ear and in writting even to this very day.
Within the Quran and the Sunnah, of the last prophet (Muhammad, peace be upon him) we find some very interesting and beautiful teachings, confirming what has come to us from our Lord and what had come to the people before us as well.

Islam does not call for us to 'hate' - rather it calls for us to 'love' as much as we can, and to be 'patient' with things we cannot love.
Islam does not call us to reject the teachings and beliefs of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus Christ, peace be upon them all.
In fact, Islam clarifies what it was they actually brought, and how it fit for the people of their time.

There is much more on this - but for now, let's offer a few of our websites to clear up more details on all of this:

  1. Basics of Beliefs and Actions for Muslims
  2. What and Why do Muslims believe regarding the One God (Allah)?
  3. Find out for yourself what the Quran sounds like (it is only Quran when it is recited) and translation of meanings.
  4. Proofs from Quran & Sunnah, predictions, prophecies and foretold events coming about today.
  5. Who was Muhammad, peace be upon him? What did others really say about him, that knew him?
  6. Find out what our purpose here on earth is really all about
  7. Watch videos of people from around the world who tell WHY they came to Islam
  8. What does it really take to be a "True Muslim"?

May Almighty God save us all, and forgive us all in His Mercy on the Day of Judgment, ameen.

Here is our link for this evidence:

These 8 links are all part of the Share Islam network, designed to present the true message of Islam in simple English. Any mistakes are from ourselves and any good is from Allah. Please notify us of errors or needed corrections, by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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#48 sadman jahangir 2013-06-21 22:07
Islam is everything..... ...........its beggining its the has no time..Its the truth in everyones heart......The world u see is fake its ....just the beggining...... .after death comes the real world.........T o blv in god thers no need of prophets....... .its in every son of adams heart........Em brace the truth cling to ur faith.....and the people u see around u arent ur close.......the y wears a mask that cannot be seen by us.....Blv in allah only hes the one he really thinks about u.............. .hes ur guardian he ws there when u were born........he will be there until ur last breath......... hes the closest to u ........Hasnt he gave u everything..... ....bow before allah and its the only way of peace..........
#47 Yusuf Estes 2013-04-23 06:09
We need our own voice in America - See what we are doing in USA & Canada to show true Islam (every day - 24 hours a day):
#46 Makrem 2013-04-07 16:48
Salam o alaikoum._Dear Liam, all my best to you.__-In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!__O mankind, We have created you from a male and female, and set you up as nations and tribes so you may recognize [and cooperate with] one another. The noblest among you with God is that one of you who best performs his duty ; God is Aware, Informed. _ God Almighty has spoken the truth.__-In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!__
#45 hassan 2013-04-02 10:09
when i look at your picture, especially in your eyes i don't see the eyes of a liar, you have the face of a truthfull person, you need only to search the truth by your own and i am sur that you will find the right path. may allah guide you and give his mercy to your beloved wife.
hassan from morocco
#44 Fahad 2013-03-26 11:42
Bismillah. Salam Liam. When you will convert to Islam you will find peace in your heart and mind, all of your previous sins will be washed out.
All the questions in your mind will be solved, like why we live, what is the purpose of life.
Inshaa Allah.
#43 yasmen 2013-03-08 12:37
please be muslim you will win and be happier we all love you
#42 AMEER PEREKAR 2013-01-26 10:59
#41 Mehran 2013-01-25 23:57
Peace be upon you brother Liam,

Seeing that you are an actor i think watching a movie about Islam might be the inspiration u need to really understand it.. i suggest watching 'The Message'1977, Starring Anthony Quinn).. story of how islam religion was revealed and how it appealed to the people...

EDITOR NOTE: Also watch simple English video all about Islam right now!
#40 Safayat Ali 2012-08-28 02:46
May the peace, mercy & blessings of Almighty Allah be on u, brother. There are so many things to say about Islam. I would like to quote a glorious verse for u brother, from the Glorious Qur'an chapter 3 verse 110:
" You are the best among all the nations that were raised among mankind – you enjoin good deeds and forbid immorality and you believe in Allah."
May Allah the most merciful grant u better understanding.. . Ameen.
#39 Motaz Bellah Mostafa 2012-08-21 07:48
Allah says in the Holy Qur'an...
~In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.~

"Has not the time come for the hearts of those who believe to yield to Allah's Reminder (this Qur'an) and what has come down of the truth." (V.57:16)

"Do they not then consider the Qur'an carefully? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely, have found therein much contradictions. "(v.4:82)

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