Ramadan - TO GO?

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YES! Take It "TO GO"

Great Ideas
(videos too)

Let us encourage each other to:
Share Islam & "Take It TO GO!"
(Ramadhan, that is)
Think about eating at a restaurant and when it comes time to leave there is still food left there and you wish you could take some with you. So, you call the waiter over and ask for a box or bag to put the food in to: TAKE AWAY or TO GO
We should consider doing the same thing with "Shar Ramadan" (the month of Ramadan).
Imagine how much we enjoyed breaking our fast with our brothers and sisters in the masjid; making salat together and sharing the blessings of Allah throughout the entire month of Ramadan. Well, it doesn't have to come to a complete end.
Here's a list of things to take away with us from the month of Ramadan - TO GO:


We should encourage ourselves and each other to continue fasting even after Ramadan, but on a bit smaller scale of course.
There are six (6) days of fasting prescribed for the month of Shawwal (the month that starts immediately following the month of Ramadan). If anyone fasts Ramadan and then fasts these six more days, Allah will reward them as though they had fasted the entire year!
Then if anyone would fast just Mondays and Thursdays (a very good sunnah of our prophet, peace be upon him), they would have the reward of fasting every day.
Fasting or feeding those who are fasting is a way to take very large rewards with Allah and most certainly a way to be forgive for some of our sins. And who wouldn't like to be forgiven for sins?

Salat TO GO:
(ritual prayers):
We should push ourselves and our families to keep up the salat (on time) and continue going to the masjid (mosque) and being with each other for the prayers, especially in the night prayer and morning prayers ('Esha and Fajr), for us men as there is so much more reward for the men who attend these prayers in jammat (27 times more according to our prophet, peace be upon him).
Our sisters can take more rewards right at home, simply be praying in the most secluded places within their homes and doing so as soon as the time comes in, instead of delaying the salat.
Getting up in the night for witr (the even and odd prayer) and tahajjud (the prayer with long prostrations) is something we could definitely do and this is a good connection with the night prayers of Ramadan.
Video on how to make salat (ritual prayer of Islam):
www.watchislam.com/videos/video.php?vid=34 (just click the button to start it up)

Reciting the Quran when we wake up in the mornings and before we go to bed at night is something very important to us all year long, and the rewards for it are too numerous to list in this short reminder. Islam is based on the Quran in the Arabic language and preserving it and sharing it with others is a part of being Muslim.
Sitting with others and reciting together is both rewarding and stimulating for our deen (Way of Islam). Students and teachers can join together in person or online to continue this wonderful experience throughout the year.
Here are two places to add to your favorites for Quran from our sites:

Throughout the month of Ramadan we have enjoyed lectures and speeches from scholars and teachers who come to visit and teach us important aspects of our deen (Way of Islam). Now we can continue this great opportunity throughout the entire year, even if there is nothing going on at the masjid (mosque):
Watch Islam by visit our sites for lectures, both live and prerecorded, 24 hours a day:
Hear Islam on our new updated site:

Charity TO GO:
The Zakat and Sadaqah (mandatory and voluntary charity of Islam) can be one of the best ways to solve our problems here in this life and in the Next Life. When someone is sick or experiencing serious problems in their lives, Islam has taught us one of the best cures is to give to others in charity.
We really must enjoin this aspect of Islam on ourselves, our families and all the believers throughout the entire year. This is one of the most critical ways to improve the condition of Muslims everywhere, both for those who are giving and those who are receiving.
Make some committment right now, to help others who are not so well off or are in distress and need from your own family, or within your area.
Donations to www.DonateForIslam.com can also be rewarded by Allah anytime in the year.

Self Control TO GO:

Controling our tongues and tempers is certainly a part of Ramadan we should carry over into the rest of the year. Our prophet, peace be upon him, told us he would guarantee the Paradise to those who could control their tongues and private parts. The month of Ramadan certainly insists on this and we should carry this with us all year long.
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, also said, "Let the one who believes in Allah and the Last Day either say something good or remain silent."

(inviting others to Islam): Ramadan is an easy time for us to share Islam with others. I see so many people come to visit in Ramadan while we are breaking the fast and enjoying lectures and recitation of Quran, and they end up becoming very interested in Islam and some make shahadah (enter Islam).
Open house during Ramadan is very positive for public relations and sharing Islam. This is something also effective throughout the entire year and we should insist that every masjid hold something like this on a regular basis. Thereby, people would learn first hand, what Islam and Muslims are really all about.
Organize something like this in your area as soon as you can, before the shayton (devil) tries to make you forget.
NOTE: If you would like to have your own website, we can assist, inshallah: www.IslamDomains.com

Eid Mubarak wa Kul am wa antum bi khair! Congratulations for Eid and may Allah accept all your deeds for another year, from Yusuf Estes and family and all the volunteers at - www.ShareIslam.com
Here is our Eid website - www.2eids.com
If you need help with putting together activities for dawah, please use any of our materials and let us share Islam with others along with you and your community, inshallah:
Here is the video:
SHARE ISLAM - TAKE IT TO GO (and pass it on)


#2 anonymous 2010-08-25 11:38
Jazakallahu khair for the tips ! Yes, Insha 'Allah, Take 'all the good deeds' TO GO !
#1 I just love these ideas and cant wait to get started - 2010-08-23 03:19
Ramadan is so special and now we can get more out of our worship with these special reminders. Thanks to our teachers and scholars who preserve knowledge and share it with us.
I love the "Record" section on www.FastRamadan.com - I hope to see it on more sites inshallah.
May Allah reward them, ameen.

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