Did Islam Spread by Sword?

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Can We Force People in Islam?
Yes Or No?

What is the Proof?

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Question: Can we force people in Islam (according to shari'ah law)?
If the answer is "Yes" then is this compulsion in religion? (refer to Quran, chapter 2, verse 256) Does this put a Muslim's will power over God's Power in danger?
If the answer is "No" then does this contradict the commandment in Quran, chapter 3, verse 110? About Amr bil maroof wa tanhowna anhil munkar?

Please give your answers from the Holy Quran.

Universtiy law professors in USA argue against shariah based on these verses.

Here is how we answer such attacks on our faith:

Thank you for writing and asking about forcing people to be Muslims.

sword0Let's first begin by saying, in Islam it is mandatory for us to always tell the truth or admit we do not know the answer. The absolute truth and nothing less is demanded for such a question as yours.

Also, in Islam we do have all of the proof dating all the way back to the time of the prophet, peace be upon him, showing us what Islam has always said on so many subjects, even though some of those topics may be considered contraversial in these days.

Now let us take a clear look into the Quran. We immediately find in chapter 2, verse 256 at the very beginning of the verse - There is no compulsion to BE A MUSLIM. But if someone is a Muslim, then it is wajib (mandatory) to make it easy for them to practice the tenants of Islam.

No one is forced to be a Muslim, because that goes against one of the most important principles of the deen. You have to be sincere and from the heart to be a true Muslim. After making shahadah and choosing Islam as a way of life, it is important for each of us to help the other to follow the religion, especially on the points that might cancel the wholeness of Islam.

You asked for references from Quran. This surprises me because the whole Quran is saying all of this from the beginning to the end. The is the main subject of the Quran.

Consider what the first surah is about - Asking Allah to Guide you.

The next surah (Baqarah) is telling you what will guide you (Quran), conditions for Guidance (taqwah, beliefs, salat, charity) and Who will guide you (Allah). This is in the very first verses.

Fasting and Hajj are also mentioned as source of gaining the much needed taqwah in the same surah.

The next couple verses deal with the unbelievers and tells you they will not believe because they do not want to.

The next part is more detailed and gives more verses about the hypocrites than verses about the believers and non-believers put together.

The end of the surah sums it up again in the last three verses.

The next surah, Al Imran, deals with the subject of those people who are not guided and why, and what they need to do to be guided.

Surah after surah is about the relationship of people to Allah, or their lack of relationship with Him, and what the outcome is going to be for all of us.
Some people think the words, "Laa ikraha fiddeen" mean a Muslim does not have to follow Islam. But the word Islam means the opposite.
A Muslim has to believe and do righteous deeds, stay away from evil, repent of sins daily, be kind and generous to everyone (even animals) and never make partners with God in worship.

swords christians2Additionally, those who want to be saved on the Day of Judgment must encourage and exhort each other to truth and patience while working to please their Lord in this life (reference: Surah Al Asr).

You must follow true Islam to be a true Muslim. But you do not have to be a Muslim at all, if you don't want to.
Take some time to read, pray and ask Allah to guide you to see His message to all mankind.

Also here is a great website about "Jihad" - www.AboutJihad.com

Thanks again for writing with your question. We ask Allah to guide you and all of us and to grant us the Paradise, ameen.
Yusuf Estes

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#3 Abdul 2013-03-14 17:49
asalamu alaikum,____in Islam intention is the most important, since deeds are according to your intentions, so it doesnt really make sense if you are forced to be a musllim if you clearly dont have intention.__on the flip side the christians forced people to convert to christianity, the crusade is a great example.__in muslim countries you have small minority of christians living their, they are not forced to accept Islam. so how could you say Islam is spreading by the sword?__within 100 years have you heard or witnessed any of muslim groups going to christians and forcing them to accept Islam? __if you wanna know about Islam, ask a muslim. the cure of ignorance is asking.__ma salama
#2 Yusuf Estes 2013-03-14 00:00
One part of the word "Islam" means 'sincerity'
Question: Can you 'force' anyone to be 'sincere'?
No, of course not.
So look to the Bible (sword appears over 200 times) and compare to Quran (no word sword)
Tell us what you think about that???
#1 sk 2012-01-15 02:55
If forced marriages are not allowed in Islam then there is no Question of Forced Conversions. People should do things out of their own free will. So they will enjoy doings things & not make it a burden upon them.

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