Real Truth BEHIND Guide US TV

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Truth About Guide US TV
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From Yusuf Estes Himself


"Well, I don't really know if I meant 'Guide us' or 'Guide U.S.' - (Maybe both?)

Anyway, after seeing this on the Internet, we thought it would a great chance to hear all about the beginnings and start up of America's first 24 hour, full time dawah channel, from the man who started it all on the Internet over 13 years ago.

Listen as Yusuf Estes tells it straight out and then think of ways to help support our first TV channel for Islam in America. Get the rewards and call others to do the same. It is definitely needed and for sure it is a great chance to get rewards from Allah.

Watch for Yusuf Estes on GUIDE US TV - This month!

Other great LIVE Programs include Imam Shamsiali, Imam Karim Abu Zaid, Imam Abu Anas and Mutahhir Sabree.


By the way - Notice how YouTube Inserts their commercials
in this video about our TV channel which does not allow commecials

Here's the link:

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#1 yusuf 2013-02-10 16:21
Mashaallah very nice work by Sir Yusuf,There are very nice scholars in Pakistan too,maybe they can contribute in GuideUS tv.

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